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The Journey Reaches Fall Partner Invitation Goal

The Journey reached 100% of its fundraising goal Friday morning October 6th. The 4-day Partner Invitation featured Journey hosts Kenny Robinson, Brittany Minard, Kate Justice, Laura Chase, and guest hosts Larry Walters and Garrett Michaels.

“It was an incredible 4 days and a reminder of God’s faithfulness.”, said General Manager Mark Edwards.

This year the station added a new event to the fundraiser. The Kids Giving Day was held on the Monday before Partner Invitation. The Journey set up a table outside the station and parents and kids were invited to stop by in the morning or after school. It was a fun event where the kids met Journey mascot “J”, spun the prize wheel, and kids had an opportunity to donate to the station.

“It was so encouraging to hear these children say they wanted to support the station so other kids could learn about Jesus.”, said Edwards. One of the parents shared how she and her husband were comforted by The Journey during the birth of their youngest daughter. The songs helped them get through a difficult time. Today their daughter is a happy 5-year-old.