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Radio Reviews “A Merry Bandkind Christmas”

Bandkind Wrapped ’23 With Radio Vision

Artist interview and podcast platform “One Small Step for Bandkind” wrapped the year expanding to national radio in shows curated/hosted by long-time Industry personality, Nik Curtis Beal.  Her vision during busy year-end fundraising months—provide: on-air support, a sponsorable local market resource, and engaging artist content for their listeners. 
From Florida, 91.3 Hope FM, GM Robin Robinson said, “A Merry Bandkind Christmas” was a perfect fit for our holiday schedule: well-done content, easy to plug in and connect with our listeners. The perfect fill when trying to juggle everyone’s holiday schedules.”  To the West, David Brown, PD Your Network of Praise added, “The Merry Bandkind specials were “turn up the radio” moments, hearing Christmas stories from our listeners’ favorite artists drew our listeners in! Nik is so warm and encouraging. Our listeners love her!” To the Midwest, Station OM Andy “Crash” Connell, WORQ-Green Bay offered, “A Merry Bandkind Christmas” was a festive collection of touching stories and holiday cheer with top-shelf production values and trusted talent that the station’s audience knows and loves…installation into radio automation was a breeze, it was the perfect gift for our listeners.” Toward the Eastern Seaboard, Dan DeBruler GM WCLN 105.7 “A Merry Bandkind Christmas” was a welcome addition to our Holiday lineup. The perfect blend of encouragement and entertainment for our listeners and their busy routines.  Thanks, Nik!” 
Kai Elmer Senior Director National Promotions Fair Trade Services said, “After talking with Nik about her vision behind the special, it was an easy ‘yes’ to partner with Bandkind to help get the word out about new Christmas music from Phil Wickham.” Integrity Music Senior Manager National Promotions, Nicole Koester added, “The feature with Bandkind was a great chance for programmers and their listeners to hear more of Sarah Kroger and build a little familiarity with audiences in multiple markets. Great setup for Sarah’s upcoming single releases.” Brian Thiele VP National Promotions Curb Records, “Being part of “A Merry Bandkind Christmas” kept Hannah Kerr in the front of listener’s minds ahead of her debut February release on Curb Records.” 
Nik said, “I greatly appreciate the enthusiasm of all the radio stations and their programmers, the featured artists and their record companies that saw these six shows come to fruition. This is another ‘One Small Step for Bandkind’ moment.”
Bandkind wrapped the year with eight trademarks from the United States Trademark & Patents Office that secured the brand’s ability to come along side the charitable interests of artists and bands, and added a merch store collaboration with a Nashville based merchandising company which fulfilled sell-out orders of retro Sweat(Bandkind) Sets as the top selling web store grab ahead of the holiday season.