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New Syndicated Show Your Listeners Need!

River Radio Ministries (WCVO/Columbus 104.9 The River) announces a new partnership opportunity for Christian Radio nationwide: to syndicate The River’s fun and unique morning show, “Josh, Chad & Hannah.”

Josh, Chad and Hannah have teamed for 2 years to rewrite the morning show template for CCM. Program Director and show co-host, Josh Hooper, says, “this show ready to connect with your audience – to grow closer to Jesus, to build deep relationships, and to have more fun than anyone thought possible while listening to Christian radio! And it all reinforces your brand!

The show is built on three pillars of content and personality:
1) Real conversation (and more of it!)
2) Learning and loving who Jesus really is, and
3) Belly-laughs without the guilt.”

Co-host Hannah Pfau shares, “The secret sauce to this trio is sounding like your real buds. We’re the friends you grab dinner with on a Friday, the pals who save you a seat at church and the ones who show up when you need a coffee pick-me-up and a hug. It’s real fun, real heart and real encouragement.”

Co-host Chad Bradley says, “We are all working through life in real time. Each at a different stop along the way. I learn so much from Josh and Hannah every time we crack the mic. It’s such a blast, blessing and joy to share time with these two! And I can’t wait for everyone else to get to know them like I do.”

Hear a preview of the show, and read more about the crew, and contact Hooper to start the conversation for your station at This is the show you’ve always wanted on your station, but never thought was allowed!

The River owns and operates four stations in Central Ohio (104.9 Columbus, 89.3 Newark, 90.9 Lancaster and 89.3 Chillicothe), and is online at