Matt Hammitt’s Son Undergoes Third Open Heart Surgery

Please join CMB in praying for the Hammitt family as Matt’s son, Bowen, just underwent his third open heart surgery.

Matt posted on Twitter and Instagram yesterday asking for prayers for his son. “Tomorrow morning at 7am, Bowen will undergo his open heart surgery. Please pray and believe with us for a good outcome. To learn how you can support Bowen and our family, visit Thank you sincerely, Matt and Sarah”

UPDATE – Monday, August 5 (from @MattHammitt on Instagram)

“…when we walked into Bowen’s room, I immediately saw a difference in his countenance and his personality was shining through for the first time since his surgery. Yesterday we saw some glimpses of his usual self at Caden’s Car Show here at MOTT….even though yesterday was encouraging, I was waiting for a day like today. Big smiles. Lots of laughter and progress in recovery.? As far his progress, his medical team is very happy. He’s been walking more and he’s eating well.

Here are some specific ways you can pray.
1. That Bowen’s oxygen levels will continue to increase.
2. For his lungs to clear of fluid.
3. Strength to walk more.
4. For his wounds to heal quickly.
5. That his heart remains strong.
6. That he remains free from infection.

Your love and prayers mean the world to us through this time of rest and recovery.”

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