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Life 88.5 Responds to Tragic Events in Kansas City

The Life 88.5 (KJNW, Kansas City) team was looking forward to a day of celebration with their community on Wednesday, February 14. The Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl victory was being celebrated with a parade and rally. Near the conclusion of the event, a dispute led to a shooting that left one person dead and a number of others wounded, many of whom were children. As the city grappled with the aftermath of the shooting, the station staff stepped up to serve the community and demonstrate God’s love.

The station took to the airwaves, inviting listeners to come together in prayer. Songs and scripture that radiated peace and healing were shared throughout the day. Life 88.5’s Melony McKaye and Adam Hannan went from attending the parade, to covering the events.

At the same time, the station provided important traffic updates and reunification information to make sure listeners had access to essential safety information.

In the days that followed, the station adjusted its programming to reflect the tragedy. Imaging that was celebratory was updated.

Dwight Bain, a counselor and crisis expert, helped listeners see ways they could show the love of Jesus through events like this and help their family and community heal with hope. University of Northwestern psychology professor Dr. Melissa Mork joined The Good Morning Show to discuss how to process trauma and navigate their feelings. She helped specifically focus children and families. The station’s website ( became a place for resources, audio, and prayer for the community.

The station used a number of digital billboards around Kansas City to share a message of healing and unity.

Life 88.5 sought to demonstrate what it means to serve in times of need. The station’s efforts in the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade and Rally tragedy showcased the profound impact of faith, unity, and compassion. Life 88.5 not only provided a soundtrack for healing but also reinforced the strength and resilience of the Kansas City community, proving that even in the darkest times, Jesus offers a hope that prevails.

Photo: Life 88.5’s Melony McKaye attends the parade