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iEncourager Officially Launches

Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas – February 14, 2024– iEncourager, a new coaching and consulting firm that helps Christian nonprofits raise funds from businesses and individual donors, launches today. Founded and led by Paul Martin, CFRE, iEncourager helps nonprofit leaders amplify impact through innovative fundraising strategies.

Paul Martin (“Encourager in Chief”) brings over five decades of expertise in media, ministry, and technology to his role. His passion for helping others excel gained recognition from key industry associations. Martin received the Scott Campbell Industry Achievement Award from the Christian Music Broadcasters association. Martin also received The Lifetime Stewardship Achievement Award from The National Center for Stewardship & Generosity.

“Launching iEncourager, I support nonprofit leaders to achieve their vision,” says Martin. “Through thoughtful innovation and actions, we amplify revenue streams for Christian nonprofits, enabling them to make a greater impact.”

iEncourager’s Mission
With a mission to empower nonprofit leaders, iEncourager focuses on leveraging strengths. As a result, organizations grow both impact and income.
iEncourager specializes in business and donor development. The firm offers personalized guidance, so leaders articulate their vision and effectively engage stakeholders. As a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), Paul Martin offers valuable insights into selecting the most impactful tools, strategies and actions for fundraising success.
“I have had the privilege of working with remarkable organizations throughout my career, and I am committed to bringing the best approaches to support nonprofits in their fundraising endeavors,” adds Paul Martin. “Together, we will unlock new opportunities and drive meaningful change.”

Drawing from his extensive background working with remarkable organizations such as Hope Media Group, Salem Media Group, KLTY, and Christian Broadcasting Network, Paul Martin has honed his ability in business and donor development. Martin also moved forward organizations such as Moody Radio/Bible Institute, Positive Alternative Radio, Pillar of Fire Media, CRISTA Broadcasting and Olivet Media Group while with DickersonBakker and Advocace consulting.
Based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, iEncourager serves Christian nonprofits nationwide. For more information about iEncourager and its services, please visit For inquiries, please email us at

About iEncourager
iEncourager coaches and consults Christian nonprofits to amplify their impact through innovative fundraising strategies. Led by Paul Martin, iEncourager provides personalized guidance and support to nonprofit leaders, helping them navigate challenges and maximize revenue streams to fulfill their missions