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Glenn Goodwin Launches ‘Small Market Radio Strategies’

Glenn Goodwin is pleased to announce the launch of: ‘Small Market Radio Strategies’.

‘Small Market Radio Strategies’ is a Station Evaluation and Consulting Company specializing in helping with the unique issues and circumstances that small market radio stations encounter.

These Evaluation and Consulting services are designed specifically for stations in the 125+ markets designed to be affordable and with no long term commitment required, and only paying for what you need.

(Glenn Goodwin has worked in Broadcast industry for over 2 decades with some of the largest radio groups in the country, to several small market radio stations, bringing a unique perspective to help your station achieve its goals.)

Find out more at

In addition, Glenn has announced that he will be stepping away from his Full Time role with (WSAE) 106.9 and (WJKN) The Arbor FM at the end of December, both owned by Spring Arbor University in Michigan.