Finney Media Releases New Book on Communication

Finney Media, a values-based media consultancy, has released a new book on communication titled “Wisdom for Effective Communication: The Little Book of Big Ideas”. The short, quick, and powerful read is available on Amazon;it is a compilation of communication wisdom gained by author Chuck Finney’s lifetime in themedia business.

“The art of effective communication is a skill that needs constant attention,” said Chuck Finney.“I’ve learned the hard way what can happen when you have poor communication skills. In fact, I might not be married to the woman I am today if I didn’t recognize very early on the importance of focused listening.”

Wisdom for Effective Communication provides readers practical and actionable ways to overcome the pitfalls of poor communication. The book is ideal for everyone who wants to better connect with the people around them, in the workplace, the schoolroom and the family room.

Readers can download the e-book to their Kindle via Amazon. Paperback also is available. For more information, visit

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