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Connect Media Ministries Announces Starting Operations in February

Connect Media Ministries announces that it is starting operations in February 2024. Connect Media Ministries, or CMM, is the new arm of the Lake Area Educational Broadcasting Foundation. It was created to provide assistance to struggling media ministries and help them more effectively reach those they serve. “This has been my dream for several years,” said the former broadcaster and long time CMB member, Jim McDermott.

“My goal is to increase the number of people reached for Jesus Christ through the ministries served. CMM might help in purchasing new equipment, donating used equipment, purchasing software, and by providing engineering help and consulting. In most cases, we’ll work with the ministry to find the best way to meet their need,” McDermott added.

CMM is also asking established Christian stations and ministries to donate any used, but still useful, equipment that they don’t plan to use. CMM can then store and catalogue that equipment for future donations. This is a way great stations from all over can participate in blessing other ministries, and leave the details and legwork up to Connect Media Ministries.

Anyone wanting more information on the grant process and eligibility should go to: or if you would like to donate good, working equipment, email CMM at: or by phone: 573-480-1439. “I’m excited to use my experience to help other ministries improve their quality and reach more listeners,” McDermott added.