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89Q Brings Christmas Hope to the Fatherless with Kids Kount

With the holiday season fast approaching, Kids Kount is ensuring that no child is left behind in the season of giving. Ran by the Greater Wausau Christian Services, Kids Kount has been around for over two decades. Looking out for children facing a unique battle over the holidays the program is designed to give gifts to children with parents who are incarcerated. is

“Children who have a parent in jail are already traumatized by the void of a missing parent,” says Sally Scinto-Reinertson, Coordinator of Kids Kount. “And to go without gifts on Christmas is even more traumatizing.”

Scinto-Reinertson recently received this year’s batch of gifts. They left her at a loss for words. Donations have doubled over the past year.

“We live in a society that is not forgiving,” says Scinto-Reinertson. “For people to understand that children of these people who have committed criminal offenses still need the love and care.”

The program partners with Christian radio station 89Q, where they have made a substantial impact. “There were years and years and years I spent shopping in stores for children, says Scinto-Reinertson. “Thanks to the wonderful people at 89Q, we now receive the presents.”

Above the rising donations, Scinto-Reinertson is grateful to fill an overlooked need.

“Keeping that connection between a child and their parent even though their parent is not physically in the picture,” says Scinto-Reinertson. “They receive the gifts from that parent.”