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The Top 5 Reasons CCM Listeners Listen – Gender & Age Breakdown

The 2023 Finney Media Why Listen?® Survey is out! Almost 15,000 respondents from three different formats, including Music stations, Music and Teaching stations and Teaching stations and programs. The findings are fascinating! 

We presented listeners about twenty different reasons they might listen to their Christian radio station. Last month, we showed you the Top Five Main Reasons for Music Station respondents. (You can read that at this link) This month, we show you those same numbers, split into Women Under 55, Men Under 55, Women 55+ and Men 55+. The numbers are the percentage of respondents who indicated that’s a Main Reason they listen:

We’ve highlighted in bold the Main Reasons above 80%. If you were to try to isolate the most motivating reasons for listening among these superfans, it comes down to worshipful encouragement. Food for thought as you and your team discuss just how spiritually focused and encouraging your music selection and the breaks between songs should be.

Coming next month: From the 2023 Why Listen? Survey, we focus on the reasons respondents tune away or turn off. Do less of these things and grow your ministry impact.