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The Top 5 Reasons CCM Listeners Give To Your Station

The 2023 Finney Media Why Listen?® Survey consists of almost 15,000 respondents and over a million data points from three different formats: Music stations, Music/Teaching stations, All-Teaching stations, and programs. 

We asked our respondents about whether or not they gave to the ministry that sent them the survey. And to those who give, we asked what moved them to make a call, go online, or write a check to make a gift. The Top Five responses from CCM listeners are below. These are the percentage who said that reason is “very important” to their decision . . . an “inspiration” for their move from listening to giving. 

  1. Feeling called by God to give 87%
  2. I believe in the mission and vision of the ministry 85%
  3. Knowing God tells us to support those who ministry to us 64%
  4. An emergency need at the ministry 38%
  5. A story about someone’s life that was changed through the ministry 36%

Note the no. 1 and no. 2 responses, “Feeling called by God to give” and “I believe in the mission and vision of the ministry”. It’s so crucial that you communicate clearly and often your mission and vision both on air and off air, and especially through listener stories. Your listener/donor is passionate about listening and helping. Making sure that theme is at the center of your giving communication is crucial. 

And most of all, help your team understand your why and be able to articulate it quickly and clearly.  

Coming in January: The Top 5 Denominations represented among CCM respondents in the 2023 Why Listen? Survey. If you believe making your message multi-denominationally accessible is crucial, get ready to tackle how to talk to all five in ways all those listeners can understand.