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The Top 5 Male CCM Artists – Finney’s Fast 5


Every year, Finney Media Research tests library songs from CCM artists with listeners across the USA. Listeners decide this ranking, from the research we’ve gathered across North America.

We thought it would be helpful for you to see the Top 5 Male Artists from our research recently. If you’re playing them, terrific! If you’re not, perhaps it’s time for a discussion about playing them:  

  1. Chris Tomlin
  2. Jeremy Camp
  3. Zach Williams
  4. Matthew West
  5. Phil Wickham

If you do music testing, you know that Chris Tomlin’s songs are still testing great! So are Jeremy Camp’s, who is now not all that far from overtaking Tomlin. And Zach Williams has come on strong the past year. Matthew West is no surprise at no. 4, given his amazing 20-year career. His latest songs have been especially strong. Phil Wickham helps show the lean of the CCM fan in the direction of worship.

Coming in April: The Top 5 Groups in nationwide CCM Music Research during 2022. Be sure you’re playing these artists to grow your listenership.


Chuck Finney’s had radio playing in his head since he was just a boy. Over the course of his career, he’s worked in programming, radio research, and audience connection. Chuck’s passion for words and communication is widely recognized and he’s won several industry awards.

If you ask Chuck how he’s doing, he’ll either say “Blessed, thank you,” or “I really get to do this for a living?!” He’s the President of Finney Media, a speaker and author who loves telling stories and helping you do the same.  Chuck is married and has two adult daughters. He lives with his wife, Lynda, in the Dallas area. For more information, read about Chuck at