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Fresh Insight on the State of Donor Confidence

As ministry leaders, understanding the current state of your donors is crucial to planning and dreaming for the year ahead. And this includes the mindset and habits of your church members.

That’s why I’d love to share with you today a new webinar unpacking a recent donor confidence study around post-Covid church attendance and giving.

I sat down with Rick Dunham and Marty Baker of Secure Give to discuss some significant takeaways from this study, as well as strategies you can implement ASAP.

  • Millennials are more likely to attend church in person than Boomers or Gen Xers
  • Donors who reported attending live services only are more generous than those who attend only virtual services
  • The more donors are engaged in their faith, the more they support charities
  • Regular church attenders are more likely to give online

The most significant takeaway from this year’s study compared to 2016 is that a greater percentage of Millennial donors are engaged with their faith than in 2016 and they are more active compared to other generations. By contrast, attendance by Gen X and Boomer+ generations has fallen and has not recovered post-pandemic to pre-COVID levels. I think you’ll love this insight as you move toward all God has in store for your ministry in 2023!

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