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Broadcasting In The Metaverse Is Unfolding

It’s no news that Christian broadcasters are looking for new ways to reach people who need hope. Different platforms, such as YouTube, offer ways for broadcasters to share their videos across Web 2.0. As we transition to Web 3.0, broadcasting in the metaverse could become a reality. Plus, it can be a fun way to connect with your audience.

Our team at Killer Bee Marketing has been looking at the possibilities for broadcasters in the Metaverse. We’re currently building multiple worlds in Horizon Worlds to demonstrate how Christian broadcasters may use the virtual world to engage with their audience and be a light to individuals who might be trying to escape reality in the Metaverse.

Watch the short video below to get a feel for what broadcasting in the Metaverse can already be like. If you want to stay updated on our progress as we explore what’s possible for broadcasters in the virtual world, subscribe to Let’s explore the possibilities for broadcasting in the Metaverse together.

Check Out Studio KillerB In The Metaverse

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What The Metaverse Might Become…

Before we collectively freak out about what the metaverse might become, let’s talk about where we are now. People are already disconnecting from society and escaping their daily lives through TV, social media, and other online platforms. We’re not going to stop new technologies from being created and growing in popularity, so we have to accept the invitation to use any means necessary to connect with the hurting and share the love of Jesus with them. Christian radio, nonprofits, churches, and individuals are already using many different platforms as tools to reach people looking for hope, and virtual reality platforms will be no different. We’ll be able to reach people not otherwise accessible. We’ve been created for this time, as uncertain and scary as it can seem.

Though technology is changing, the one constant is there are hurting people everywhere that need Jesus. Only time will tell what new ways there will be to connect with and serve the hurting. Let’s be ready.