It’s harder than we think.

What one thing does your station do better than any other radio station in your town?

I mean demonstrably better.

So much better than any listener you ask would immediately mention it if asked.

Having trouble finding an answer?

That’s the problem, isn’t it?

If youcan’t hear it, how can you expect your listeners to hear it?

And if nobody hears it, why should anybody listen every day?

I’ve spent my career focused on the content that comes between the songson radio stations.

I started beforemusic streaming and iPods because even then it was clear that the best anystation could hope for if it competed solely on music was a statistical tie.

Loyalty, fans, evangelists…those are the result of what comes between the songs.

Of course your music has to be great, but it can never, ever be as great foreach individualyou need to listen as the playlist they can create for themselves, for their own personal taste.

I know that rotating and researching music is a lot less messy than dealing with super talented people.

That’s why so few station PDs do it.

That’s why your station will immediately stand apart when you begin to do it.


Focus on the one thing your station can do better than any other station I can hear in your town.

It really is the only way you’ll ever create something legendary, something listeners would miss if it ended.


Doug is a former Major Market award winning Program Director of the Year. He was VP of Programming for one of the first large consolidated radio companies before leaving to open his consultancy. He works with most of the largest media companies in the world but, uniquely, he consults every adult format, including News/Talk, where his stations have won the distinguished Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in journalism. Doug helped NOSTALGIE, an OLDIES-based station in Paris, become the fastest-growing radio station in French history. His American clients include one you can hear this week, MIX 92.9

Also uniquely, Doug limits his client list to 8 per year so that each gets virtually unlimited market access. Doug is a former missionary kid, has been married to his wife, Shannon, for 38 years, and has one adult son and a wheaten terrier dog, all of whom currently live in Denver. 

You can learn more about Doug, his philosophy and his clients HERE.


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