Jacobs Media and Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB) are inviting all Christian music-based radio stations to participate in our sixth annual CMB Techsurvey. On the heels of our previous fifteen annual all-format Techsurveys, we’ve learned that Christian Radio listeners have unique needs and interests that led us to create this stand-alone study.

According to Michelle Younkman, CMB Executive Director, “CMB is committed to providing Christian music broadcasters with powerful resources. One of those resources is Jacobs Media’s CMB Techsurvey 2019. This annual survey is a cost effective way to generate market specific data on your station’s listeners and their habits. This assessment will help you identify areas for growth and reaching more listeners, which is CMB’s vision.”

Jacobs Media’s goal in working with CMB is to create a survey that helps enlighten and inform Christian music broadcasters about how their audience is using technology to interact with friends, family and with radio. We want to identify the opportunities that exist in the digital space for growth, membership development, and better communication with your key listeners, to help you decide where to invest time, resources, and personnel.

CMB Techsurvey 2019 is a national web-based research study devoted to media and technology, utilizing radio station databases. Within the last few years the annual Techsurvey was opened to all formats and we’ve ended up creating the largest research study ever conducted for radio. The study continues to grow larger each year with more radio stations signing up and more respondents participating. The 2018 survey once again made headlines by telling a new story about radio’s generations. It has been highly quoted throughout radio as well as by outlets such as eMarketer and Marketing Charts.

In last year’s CMB Techsurvey 2018, we had 26 radio stations and two networks participate, generating more than 6,500 responses. Our goal is to make this year’s 2019 survey bigger and better than ever. It’s important to emphasize that the success of this project depends on the inclusion of a wide range of stakeholder stations. The more diversity of stations and the larger the sample, the more impactful the results will be for your station.

We need your station’s commitment no later than Wednesday, May 29th.

There will be a stakeholder webinar presentation with CMB in summer 2019 as we deep-dive into the Christian format by generation, gender and other important factors.

Jacobs Media will also be presenting results at Momentum 2019.

Each participating station will receive its local results, along with its Media Usage Pyramid (often displayed in hundreds of cubicles, offices, and air studios throughout the U.S. and Canada). This is information that every programmer and manager needs to develop smart strategies that can capitalize on the opportunities presented by new media and technology.

Research topics will include tracking traditional media usage (TV, radio), as well as the impact of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.). The goal is to help stations build their individual “Social Media Footprints” – the platforms most important to Christian radio audiences, and how to best connect with and engage with listeners in these important spaces.

We’ll continue to dig deeply into the two hottest topics – “smart speakers” (Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod) and podcasting/on-demand programming, as well as exploring the all things technology (the digital dashboard, smartphones, tablets, etc.). Additionally, the survey will explore station related activities – in-car listening and the impact of the “connected car,” the growth of streaming, and the rise of mobile apps.

We will include format and value specific questions to help programmers better learn about some of the key issues facing Christian music radio and what listeners think and value. Jacobs Media is inviting participating programmers to submit questions for possible inclusion, thus providing even more actionable information for your stations from this survey. What are the big questions you have for your Christian music radio station specifically? Feel free to send your submissions to Jacobs Media’s Research Director, Jason Hollins at jason@jacobsmedia.com.

The Media Usage Pyramid (below) is a comprehensive way to understand some of the key findings of our studies. The Christian AC and CHR formats are contrasted in this graphic – one of the many ways in which we depict the data and help make it easy to understand and apply to your strategies.

Below are details about how stations, networks, and companies can participate in CMB Techsurvey 2019:

    • It will be fielded in May/June 2019. We must have commitments for the survey no later than May 9, 2019. Jacobs Media handles all details of the study and provides email copy and all technical aspects of participation. We will give you copy and a link that you email to your listeners – that’s it!
  • A small participation fee. Jacobs Media will survey your database (up to 700 completed interviews). You’ll receive your local market data, the total survey data, your format data, and your station’s media usage pyramid. You will also be able to participate in a participants-only webinar that reviews the key findings this Spring. Anyone from your station is eligible to attend. These rates are for CMB Members and are the same as we charged last year. However, because this is a special survey, we are not allowing any stations to participate at no charge:

Market Size                                       Cost

Large Markets (1-40)                         $500
Smaller Markets 41+                          $400

The prices above are for CMB members only. Non-CMB members pay an additional $250 for the survey.

  • Networks: priced on an individual basis. Please contact us with questions.

Stations can register by clicking the link on the form below to sign-up and fill it out for each radio station you would like to have participate. If you have a large number of stations (more than 5) you would like to register, please contact Lisa Riker directly via email (lisa@jacobsmedia.com) or call her at 248-353-9030 for discount information.

We’re very excited about continuing to grow this annual survey specifically for Christian broadcasters. We look forward to working with you and analyzing the current digital space, as well as creating the opportunity to track these changes over time.

For more information, please contact Paul Jacobs at pauljacobs@jacobsmedia.com or Michelle Younkman at michelle@cmbonline.org.

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