Reasons Your Employees Job Hunt

Staffers who dislike their boss are four times more likely to be looking for a new job than their coworkers.

That’s according to the Employee Retention Report compiled by employee engagement platform TINYPulse, which found that among workers who rate their boss unfavorably, 40 percent said they had interviewed for a new job in the past three months. Only 10 percent of their colleagues who rated their manager highly had looked for a new position.

The report said just over one in five workers, 21.5 percent, who don’t feel they get positive recognition for the work they’re doing interviewed for new jobs in the past three months, compared to 12.4 percent of those who feel their efforts are acknowledged, HR Dive reported.

In addition, staffers who don’t believe they’re growing and developing in their job are three times as likely to look for a new one.

Workers who say they have work/life balance are 10 percent more likely to want to stay where they are, the research found.

The report suggests that to retain employees, companies should hold managers accountable for turnover and listen to team members’ feedback; better define employees’ roles to boost engagement; and train managers in open and honest communication.

According to a 2017 Korn Ferry Institute survey, the top reason people planned to look for a new job in 2018 was because they were bored with their current job. One-third of the 5,000 professionals surveyed said they were looking for a new challenge, while just 19 percent said their top priority was a higher salary.

Other top reasons for job-seeking cited in the survey included:

  • Culture doesn’t fit with me/my values — 24 percent
  • I have either lost my job or expect that I will — 21 percent
  • Company politics — 3 percent

If you’re thinking about making a job change, now might be the time to start looking. Executive recruiter Jack Kelly wrote in Forbes that since the majority of people put off their job search until January, instead focusing on the holidays between now and them, you will have significantly less competition and will “look like a rock star” since there are fewer other candidates for you to be compared to.

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