2018 Station of the Year – SMALL MARKET Submissions

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Audio Elements – 40 pts possible
1. 15 minute scoped aircheck from any locally-originating daypart(s)
2. 5 minutes of production / promotion / public service
Community Involvement / Kingdom Impact – 40 pts possible
The station should highlight original/locally oriented events, promotions and/or news coverage that display exceptional service to their community and responsiveness to the needs and problems facing their market and defined core audience. Also, the station may submit examples of how they are helping to make other Christian music stations better, such as mentorship programs. Stations may use analytics to support their submission.
Digital Media – 20 pts possible
The station should show what they have done through various digital platforms to move their station forward and increase their listenership. They should give examples of how they utilize other media across their digital platforms – including (but not limited to) website, social media, email and podcasts. Stations may use analytics to support their submission.
KFNW/Life 97.9
Fargo, ND
Market Category
Web Site
Supporting Pictures & Videos
The station may include a link to a page with supporting pictures & videos. Please note: they were not required to include this, so if this is blank, it shouldn’t take away from their score.



Uplifting, Life 97.9 has had a great impact this year in both categories.

May 2017
We partnered with the Do It Well ministry to collect Legos from 5 local business drop-off locations to go to kids in hospitals that have long stays, as well as foster care locations in the area.

June 2017
We had a Back to School giveaway where listeners emailed in the name of someone they knew might have trouble paying for supplies. We gave away fifteen $100 gift cards.

We partnered with United Blood Services and motivated the listeners to come on Life 97.9 Day to donate blood.
We also had a large outdoor campaign for Life 97.9 in the city.

July 2017
We had our Silent Prayer ministry and asked our audience to pray for us as our staff had a ministry opportunity which we couldn’t tell them about until after it was over. (It was at the YWCA.) We ministered to them, prayed with them, and had a cookout at the location. It was a huge success and the audience had the opportunity to pray.

August 2017
We created an awareness campaign for the Redemption Road ministry for a new housing complex. We asked listeners for financial support, church connections, and leaders for discipleship programs and women’s ministries.

September 2017
We were a part of two local parades.

We held our first Ladies Night which provided an evening for the area ladies to visit and enjoy some treats, prayer, and a talk with an area motivational speaker and author.

October 2017
Our 10th annual Operation Christmas Child promotion generated 15,500 shoe boxes that were collected.

November 2017
Matthew West was in concert in Fargo and we partnered with the Lions Club’s promotion to ask our concert goers to bring in any glasses for the needy. Hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses were donated.

November was also our Thanksgiving meal promotion. We asked listeners to give us a name of someone that they knew would have trouble getting a meal for the holiday. We gave away ten $50 gift cards.

We rang bells for the Salvation Army. It was Life 97.9’s day to be at one location, and we asked listeners to fill as many empty volunteer spots as possible in the 5 surrounding cities.

December 2017
We had our Act of Christmas Kindness promotion. We gave away ten $100 gift cards to Walmart to families having trouble. Listeners went online to nominate others.

For the 7th year, we sponsored the Annual Holiday Lights at the largest park in the city. We had a manger display and played our Christmas music at night from 7-10 pm on-air as people drove through the lit-up park.

January 2018
We motivated listeners to give to the 11th annual Life 97.9’s Valley’s Largest Baby Shower promotion with First Choice Clinic. Using all six locations of the area’s largest grocery store in four cities, many listeners dropped off all kinds of baby items for four weeks. It was the greatest year yet with over $9000 worth of items donated.

February 2018
Our Ministry Spotlight was with the Anne Carlsen Center which is for independent living for those impacted with autism and other mental health services.

March 2018
We highlighted the Clay County Jail Ministry.

We purchased 100 seats to the movie “I Can Only Imagine”. 50 listeners won a pair of tickets to use one to minister to someone dealing with anger or parental issues in the hope that the movie would help them find solution.

April 2018
We had our 11th annual Life 97.9 Stuff the Truck at the Luther Family Ford parking lot with two trucks and a semi that were filled with listeners’ household items and furniture to go to New Life Center. Also, the Team Boaz ministry collected bikes and fixed them for new Americans.

A ministry partner had underwritten Recovery Bibles for the Jail Chaplains ministry.

Our metrics showcase seven sold-out concerts in a row. Our giving numbers are up, along with the number of new givers. We broke a record with Team 360 givers (a dollar a day) this spring. All Sticker Stop numbers are up with listeners coming by to put a Life 97.9 window sticker on their car. Life 97.9 is the most visible radio station on a vehicle in this market. Our Nielsen RRC weekly cume trends the station as #5 against the rest of the secular market, with two competing Christian stations both in the market. As a 35 plus female station, our future looks great with our largest audience increase with the 25-35 females from Monday through Friday, 6 am – 7 pm.

We have a reach into almost every church with eleven pastors last Christmas doing our Christmas music promos. We belong to and host the ELN, a local pastoral network, in town. In an area radio survey called Locals Love Us, we are number one in four categories and very high in all of the others. This survey was published to everyone in the market. We have long-term relationships with many local underwriters. We have sizable giving with our Day Partners and Half Day Partners. We have a giving reach of seventy miles with a translator giving us an additional twenty more miles to the east in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

If testimonials are a metric, we have countless messages shared at the station on a regular basis of how a song ministered to them and our PrayerWorks webpage has incredible activity. In many ways, we may be the largest church in the region. Life 97.9 is a vital source in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota for both daily information and spiritual information regarding life and faith issues, as we continue to change lives one song at a time.


Off-air, there are various ways that Life 97.9 communicates to the listeners. For instance, one of our main ways of moving the ministry forward and increasing our listenership is through social media. Our Listener Engagement Director strategically chooses which types of posts are shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter every day. These posts include Bible verses, beautifully branded graphics with quotes by Christian speakers, engaging questions for the followers, links to impactful articles on the Life 97.9 webpage, and listings of local events going on in the Red River Valley. The total number of Facebook likes for Life 97.9 has organically grown from 8,970 since May 1, 2017 to the new total of 10,193 on April 30, 2018.

Additionally, Facebook Live videos are made regularly by some of the radio personalities and the Listener Engagement Director. These are especially helpful for promoting events and contesting on the station. Likewise, listeners interact more with the Life 97.9 staff and see some behind the scenes footage.

Furthermore, some specific examples of how we have used social media to increase our ministry efforts include concerts and special station events for area women. Lunch and Learn was held at a local church for women in the Red River Valley to create a time of fellowship and growth. As well as having this promoted as a Facebook event, we made a private Facebook group that the women who attended the event could join and keep the conversation going based on what goals they were challenged with at Lunch and Learn. After the event, the private group was facilitated for 90 days by the radio personalities and the Listener Engagement Director.

In the same way, we promote the local concerts on our Facebook page too. Our Listener Engagement Director posts engaging questions in the Facebook events, such as this example, “Which song are you most excited to hear the Newsboys play at the concert?” Not only does it amp up the enthusiasm prior to the concert, but it also helps grab the attention of listeners who maybe otherwise wouldn’t know have known the concert was coming to the Red River Valley.

Another example of events promoted heavily online and through Facebook, includes Life 97.9 Sticker Stops at area businesses. The staff shows up with the station vehicle, a huge tent, sound system, volunteers, and a table full of marketing materials and ministry items. There are also contest registration opportunities for the listeners. The staff and volunteers put Life 97.9 window stickers on the cars. Many times, our Sticker Stops become a Bible drop-off point for the area shelters as well as a gathering site for those seeking fellowship and prayer.

Moreover, the Life 97.9 website is filled with articles that pertain to people’s lives and how to live out their faith in Jesus. Some of the articles are written by the personalities. There are links that give the listener a chance to make a powerful difference by donating to the station, posting a prayer on the PrayerWorks page, or signing up to volunteer at a Life 97.9 event. In the period of May 1, 2017 until April 30, 2018, the average unique users per month on the website is 8,240. The average number of sessions per month is 21,410.

On the website, listeners can subscribe to the Daily Life Promise email so that they can start their day with a word of encouragement in their inbox. Listeners are offered the chance to help pick the music of Life 97.9 when they join the Music Team. There is a section on the website where people can register, and by doing so, they can win special concert ticket giveaways. The website lists all of the songs that have been recently played on the station, which is helpful for listeners to find out what their favorite songs are and who the artists are too. Our Community Calendar showcases which concerts and other events are in the Red River Valley. There is also the opportunity for listeners to post their own events online. This is used quite frequently by area churches as well as people in the area, and is a wonderful tool for promoting faith and family friendly events.

Additionally, the website is a great way for listeners to stream the station when they are not in their vehicle or do not have a radio accessible. From May 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018, there was an average of 40,641 aggregate tuning hours each month regarding online listening. This has resulted in an exciting 35% growth in this year.

Even more, Life 97.9’s mobile app can be downloaded by both Apple and Android users. A person can take the station with them wherever they go. During the period of May 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018, there have been 1,205 app downloads during the year and 3,593 total app downloads.

In addition, if a listener has a smart speaker, such as a Google Home, Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, or Amazon Show, they can play the station on demand. They can enable Life 97.9 and it will even tell them which song is currently being played.

Lastly, listeners receive monthly email newsletters from the station which give them updates on what is going on at Life 97.9. Each section of the email links back to the website and is a great platform for increasing the reach of the station’s brand.

Overall, online content on the website and social media is used as show prep for the on-air personalities. This is a fabulous tool for building stronger and deeper connections with the audience. The on-air personalities appreciate using the Life 97.9 social media and website engagement to share highlights on their shows, especially if there was a lot of feedback and input from the particular post.

This link, http://life979.com/2018/05/station-of-the-year-2018/ on the Life 97.9 website contains media submissions which correlate with the information above.

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KKJM/Spirit 92.9
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Market Category
Web Site
Supporting Pictures & Videos
The station may include a link to a page with supporting pictures & videos. Please note: they were not required to include this, so if this is blank, it shouldn’t take away from their score.



We’re a small market station, working to make a BIG impact in our Central Minnesota community! Thanks to God’s faithful provision and our loyal financial supporters, this year Spirit 92.9 moved into a new building on the main street in the heart of St. Cloud, the largest city in our listening area. With this new and highly visible space came a renewed commitment to reach our community in bigger, better ways. One of which is hosting free, quarterly Community Information meetings in our new community room that address the needs and concerns of those we serve. Our first event featured a well known local speaker whose topic was “Teens & Technology: Keeping our kids safe online”. Parents were grateful to learn about the most concerning apps and secret online resources that their kids may be accessing, how to protect kids from predators, and some tips on how to install protective measures on their family’s technical devices. We were also able to thank a group of volunteers and supporters with lunch and a personal performance with one of our artists in this new space. We look forward to doing more of these events going forward. Another way we are working together with our listeners to have a positive impact on our community is through our ‘1,000 Random Acts of Spirit’ promotion. The goal is to inspire listeners (and listeners to be!) to commit One Thousand Acts of Kindness in Central Minnesota this year. We’re already over a quarter of the way there-and the stories we’re hearing and sharing on air are so encouraging. From business supporters donating new tires to a recently unemployed mother and grandmother, to kids helping to shovel elderly neighbor’s driveways, and college students paying for the person behind them in the drive thru…the ripple effects of this effort are creating a buzz in our community, and reminding us all that kindness and being an example of God’s love really matters, and speaks louder than anything we can say! Each Christmas season we highlight a promotion called “Home For The Holidays”, where listeners share their stories and nominations, and then vote for someone to be reunited with someone they love for the holidays. As you can imagine, the stories are very emotional. This year we reunited a mother and her daughter and grandkids who are living thousands of miles away while the husband and father is deployed, serving our country. They were so grateful to not have to spend Christmas alone, away from family. The best part is that as this promotion has grown and word has spread about it, we’ve had local businesses come on board and ask to partner with us to reunite more people who shared their stories! ‘Serving with SPIRIT’ is a quarterly project where our staff and listeners serve alongside each other at our local homeless shelters, food shelf, and other community organizations. Each December a large group works together to set up and organize the Christmas programs at Place of Hope-our community mission and homeless shelter. We’ve also worked together to serve meals and help bag food at our local Salvation Army, and package meals for Food For The Hungry. Another very successful promotion we’ve done for a few years now is our Christmas Lights Directory. Because we play all Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas day, a time when our number of listeners nearly doubles, this is a great fit for our audience. We compile a list of the best light displays on our free mobile app and website, and listeners can enjoy making family memories while visiting the displays on our list and of course, listening to our station to enjoy the sounds of the season. This has captured the attention of some local businesses and communities, one of which started a community light display that we sponsor and get to have a presence at on December weekends while families are there to enjoy the lights and visit with Santa. We have also partnered with our local churches to get the word out about their events, in particular we create a VBS Directory on our website where churches can post their events, and families can find VBS events to have their kids attend in the summer. We also host 2-3 family concerts and events, bringing the artists they hear on the radio right here to our community. Thousands of people attend these concerts and comedy shows, and they bring and introduce new friends to the music (and radio station). The feedback from these events is so exciting-many hearing the Gospel for the first time, or being so inspired that they start listening to Spirit 92.9. They are a huge undertaking for our small staff and volunteers, but the stories of lives impacted make it all worth it! We also partner with a women’s ministry in sponsoring a huge Women’s Conference here in St. Cloud every fall, featuring well known Christian speakers and worship bands. This past fall was the second year the conference was here, and it sold out the convention center space it was being held in. It has proven to be a very needed event here that serves our core demographic. And if you’re thinking all of this keeps us so busy we couldn’t possibly do more, well, there’s lots more! We’re committed to being a local station that’s involved in what’s going on in our listener’s lives-so in the summer months you’ll find us in nearly every local parade (almost every town has one here), meeting and greeting people at our booth or volunteering at community festivals, visiting local schools and recording kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance to be played on the air, speaking at career days, MOMS groups, and other events where our listeners and potential new listeners can be found. We’re consistently focused on events and promotions that fit who we are and who we’re hoping to reach, all with the goal of introducing more people to Jesus.


Spirit 92.9 continues working to stay up to date and ahead of the ever changing needs and habits of our listeners when it comes to Digital Media and accessing content, and interacting with listeners in ways beyond traditional home and car radios. Some ways we’ve continued the forward moving momentum in this area include how we use social media, expanding our app abilities, and creating easy connections to smart speakers and devices. With the increase in at home listening on smart speakers such as Alexa, we began the process of creating an Alexa skill to be sure our listeners can easily listen at home on their Amazon devices. Since introducing our free mobile app, we’ve consistently seen a steady increase in downloads and streaming. Part of this growth was due to creating opportunities for listeners to get unique concert ticket presale codes available only on our App, Website, and Social Media pages. We’re also continuing to make our app more than just a place to stream the radio station. In addition to listening, app users can also access current weather information, learn more about songs and artists they hear, purchase discounted certificates to local businesses through our Shop N’ Save program, submit song requests and birthday information for on air, and during the holidays users can access our Christmas Lights Directory via the app or website to find a list we compile of the best Christmas Lights Displays in our area…while also listening to the all Christmas music on our station via the App! We’ve also begun making the discounted certificates listeners can buy for local businesses via the app or website available immediately via a mobile link on their phone, so they don’t have to pick them up or wait for them to be mailed. (This program serves our listeners and meets a need by helping them save money, and is a source of revenue for us as the profits benefit the station. Clients also benefit by receiving ad credit.) Another way we’re meeting listeners where they’re at is interacting with them more on Social Media, namely Facebook and through videos and Facebook live. Whether it be going live on Facebook while on the air, or behind the scenes at the station or at concerts and events, videos and Facebook live are proving to be a great way to grow the experience of being a Spirit 92.9 listener and friend both on and off the air. Our morning show co-host, Josh, is becoming well known for the songs he writes and sings with his ukulele to announce concerts and turn our listener’s Facebook comments into funny songs. Our audience loves his songs, so that has made our Facebook interactions skyrocket because they want their comments to be a part of the song. We always post video or go live when he performs the finished song, and those have been our most shared videos and posts this year. It’s a really fun way to create connection and friendship with listeners, while creating very successful posts that get good traction on Facebook. We have also been creating ways to integrate what happens off the air with opportunities for others to experience it online. For example, earlier this year we held an information session at our studios for parents that addressed Teens & Technology and ways to keep our kids safe online. Because it was held during the work day and not everyone who wanted to attend could, we also recorded it and made it available online and on our website for people to watch later. This also gave us the ability to share key points of the session on the air. As we continue to use and grow our Digital Media presence, we continue to see growth in areas of online streaming on a monthly basis-with Christmas music season seeing double the amount of streaming, and mobile App downloads increased by 200% over the past year! Organic Facebook page likes increased by 1,356, Facebook weekly interactions are up 76% in the last 12 months, and unique website visits increased by 27%. While we have opted out of purchasing ratings in an effort to use those funds toward more outreach and events the past couple years, we have seen an increase in some additional areas we use as benchmarks to track growth, including a steady increase in donors and dollars raised, attendance at concerts and events, and web and social media interaction. This information, combined with the testimonials from new listeners throughout the year, helps us conclude that listenership continues to grow at a steady and exciting pace, and more and more people are getting involved in supporting and interacting with the station, and taking part in events. As a result, we celebrate the success and growth, and continue pushing to create great radio, connection and community both on and off the air.

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KNWC/Life 96.5
Sioux Falls, SD
Market Category
Web Site
Supporting Pictures & Videos
The station may include a link to a page with supporting pictures & videos. Please note: they were not required to include this, so if this is blank, it shouldn’t take away from their score.



Serving our community of Sioux Falls is the core value of LIFE 96.5. This is exemplified through our monthly Hands and Feet opportunities we create with local organizations. The goal is to partner with organizations that are addressing unique needs of those in the community, by physically serving those in need and offering donations of needed items as well. Life 96.5 staff serves alongside our listeners to fulfill the needs of those who are struggling in our community. Some of this past year’s opportunities included:

Call to Freedom: In the month of March 2018, Life 96.5 collected nearly 350 tote bags full of basic hygiene items as well as yoga pants, t-shirts, sock, undergarments, and a jacket. The donations far surpassed anything we could have imagined. These bags are shared the organization Call To Freedom, with women in need of emergency care who are being trafficked or at risk of being trafficked to help get them out of a difficult situation.

Loads of Love: In the month of June 2017, LIFE 96.5 collected over 50 laundry baskets full of household items to help a young adult who was leaving the foster care system and transitioning to life in their own apartment. This partnership with Lutheran Social Services will help them provide much needed resources to these young men and women in Sioux Falls.

Stuff a Stocking: Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2017 LIFE 96.5 collected over 400 Christmas stockings filled with presents for patients of all ages at Avera Behavioral Health Hospital. Avera officials told us, “With so many wonderful gifts and encouraging notes, your generosity has undoubtedly showed the hands and feet of Jesus. God bless your listeners and Life 96.5 for providing hope to those in need at Christmas.”

Thank a Teacher: This school year Sept 2017 – May 2018, LIFE 96.5 in partnership with Vern Eide Motorcars blessed one teacher a month with a $500 visa gift card as well as other gifts, an ice cream party for their students and lunch for the school staff. Listeners nominated teachers explaining to us in 50 words or less why they were deserving of this award. Nearly 1000 nominations were received and the winners were selected randomly.

The LIFE 96.5 staff also likes to give our listeners a chance to experience life with their family through some fun contests. During the Summer of 2017, we partnered with a local RV company and gave away a backyard firepit with chairs and all the trimmings for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows for 8 families. The day of our Christmas concert with Casting Crowns and For King and Country, 12 families had the opportunity to “Jump into Christmas” at a local trampoline park. Mark Hall and the rest of the Casting Crowns band stopped by to eat lunch and hang out with the families. Last July we invited families to attend the LIFE 96.5/Austad Golf Summer Bash at a Sioux Falls church. Families came out for fun with inflatables, games, free hotdogs and t-shirts.

LIFE 96.5 is a strong voice in the community emphasizing Love, Hope, Family. This past fall, according to Nielsen Ratings, we were #1 in the Sioux Falls Metro with an 11 AQH share and a weekly cume of 43,200. LIFE 96.5 was also #1 in the TSA with an 8 AQH Share and weekly cume of 71,500.

We hear daily from listeners how LIFE 96.5 is impacting their families. For instance, Jessica says,
“A reset every time I get in my car. Nothing warms my heart more than my kids singing along to the songs and my 9 year old son telling people that life 96.5 is the BEST radio station and it is all he ever asks to listen to. Makes my heart feel good.”

Elizabeth says, “I listen to it on my drive to work and it helps me feel refreshed and ready for what lies ahead. I also listen to it after work and it helps me find encouragement and positivity.”

LIFE 96.5 is part of the Northwestern Media network. Our team pioneered the “Hands and Feet” community partnership that has now been replicated in several other Northwestern Media stations. Just recently our LIFE 96.5 Listener Engagement team of Lauren and Luanne had the opportunity to share about our “Thank A Teacher” promotion at the Listener Engagement Summit in Chicago. Our staff is always willing to help and assist other media outlets in building strong relationship connections with their communities. We are an active member in CMB, NRB, and NAB.


Life 96.5 website, life965.com is designed to connect listeners in their faith walk. We currently see about 15,000 users each month. There are encouraging blogs to read daily. We also have an interactive section where listeners can share their experiences of God working in their life through the radio station or through the Hands and Feet opportunities. We collect names through our station website contesting that are added to our email database. Each month we send out a station e-newsletter sharing our hands and feet opportunity and other station promotions.

LIFE 96.5 has an active Facebook Page with almost 20,000 fans that we engage with daily, often fueling on-air topics with responses from our Facebook page. LIFE 96.5 also has an Instagram page with over 1400 followers. Our Twitter page has 1900 followers. Facebook is very popular with our listeners as we interact with them of often use their engagement for on-air content. Instagram, we feel lets us add another avenue to engage with our younger female demo as well as connect with artists. Twitter use for the station is also used to engage with artists and listeners in unique daily posts. We also use Twitter to help us get word out about weather and other emergencies.

Our LIFE 96.5 APP allows people to listen to the station anywhere. It provides song title and artist information on music recently played. Listeners can record a voicemail and email it right to our main studio. They can also share their story of how God is working in their life. It’s really simple and secure for anyone to make a donation to the station right through the app. LIFE 96.5 also has a “Hands and Feet Sioux Falls App.” This app suggest 3 ideas a day for someone to show the love of Christ to those around them. They can bookmark an idea and also place a reminder so that they can perform the act of kindness at a later time.

We recently developed the LIFE 96.5 Alexa skill with Amazon. This allows people to listen to LIFE 96.5 through their Amazon Echo device. Listeners can also receive song title and artist information from Alexa in real time while listening. With this addition of the Alexa skill, our online listening is rapidly increasing. We are now averaging 120,000 Monthly Aggregate Tuning Hours, with 5% coming from the new Alexa skill.

Small - KNWC/Life 96.5 - Station of the Year Scores

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  • 40 points possible :: We’re looking for specific examples of events, promotions or news coverage that show exceptional public service, ministry impact and responsiveness to the needs and problems facing their market and core audience.
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  • 20 points possible :: How is the station utilizing digital media - including, but not limited to, social media outlets, station apps, email & podcasts. Stations may also include online listenership data. Is the station truly engaging their listenership digitally?
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Wise, Weird & Welcome: Learning and Leading with the Lepers and the Locust Eaters

We’ve all read the same books about teamwork, leadership, communication, and culture that everybody reads. We’ve mastered Maxwell, studied Sanborn, Sinek, and Sun Tzu, and liberally cribbed Collins in aborted attempts to go from good to great, but…

How’s that working out for you? 

What if you left St. Louis with an entirely new lens through which to view and act upon improvements in:

Let’s examine how this all connects together, but approach it from an entirely different angle. Don’t just think outside the box. Kick the box to the curb and start at zero.