2018 Station of the Year – MAJOR MARKET Submissions

Below you will find a series of tabs which includes the MAJOR MARKET station entries. Inside each tab you will find the information submitted by the station to be reviewed by you. Once you have reviewed the information, you will then score each station using the forms located at the bottom of each tabbed page. *Note: each station will have it’s own form. Please verify as you are filling out the scores that you are scoring the correct station.
There is also a comment section for each station. Please feel free to comment on particular strengths or weaknesses you see in the station. These will be passed on after the awards are announced, however, the person commenting will not be identified.
Audio Elements – 40 pts possible
1. 15 minute scoped aircheck from any locally-originating daypart(s)
2. 5 minutes of production / promotion / public service
Community Involvement / Kingdom Impact – 40 pts possible
The station should highlight original/locally oriented events, promotions and/or news coverage that display exceptional service to their community and responsiveness to the needs and problems facing their market and defined core audience. Also, the station may submit examples of how they are helping to make other Christian music stations better, such as mentorship programs. Stations may use analytics to support their submission.
Digital Media – 20 pts possible
The station should show what they have done through various digital platforms to move their station forward and increase their listenership. They should give examples of how they utilize other media across their digital platforms – including (but not limited to) website, social media, email and podcasts. Stations may use analytics to support their submission.
Dallas, TX
Market Category
Web Site
Supporting Pictures & Videos
The station may include a link to a page with supporting pictures & videos. Please note: they were not required to include this, so if this is blank, it shouldn’t take away from their score.



KCBI is a movement of God to communicate the Good News of Jesus’ love and transforming power.

In the community, that happens as we mobilize listeners to be Jesus’ hands and feet throughout North Texas, providing homes for those in need through Habitat for Humanity, providing shoes for children who otherwise wouldn’t have them and bringing hope when a crisis hits.

KCBI’s Summer of Service 2017

In 2017, KCBI again urged listeners to make June, July and August a Summer of Service – asking them to join three service projects. We kicked off the Summer of Service in June by working on seven home builds at four area Habitats. So many listeners volunteered that some had to be turned away, and this year, we’ve added even more builds. In July, we held a Summer of Service Day at two different area ministries. A total of 200 listeners turned out. Half of them worked at the Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls Warehouse, preparing 1,800 shoes for distribution to children who need them most, in the name of Jesus. The others served at Mission Arlington, a ministry for those in need – sorting clothing, distributing food to those in need and preparing backpacks for back to school distribution. The final service project was in August – the DFW Shoe Drive with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls.

Hurricane Harvey Outreaches

So when Hurricane Harvey tore through Southeast Texas, we were ready. Evacuees fled to North Texas with little but the clothes on their backs. They needed the most basic items – hygiene products, clothing and shoes, which had been ruined by water damage. KCBI listeners had already donated 1,500 pairs of shoes for families in need to the DFW Shoe Drive. Along with Buckner, the radio station decided to divert the already-collected shoes, as well as the remainder of the drive, to hurricane evacuees. Listeners donated another 1,500 pairs of shoes the final week of the drive so that 3,000 new shoes were fitted on children whose families had lost nearly everything.

“We know how a brand new pair of shoes to a child in need can help bring some comfort during such a devastating time,” said Rachel Wallis, the Director of the Shoes for Orphan Souls Initiative. “This is a great opportunity for us to help our neighbors and hopefully give these families hope for the future.”

Ricardo Brambila knows first-hand. He got a new pair of shoes as a child. “I thought, ‘I can run faster. There’s room for my toes.’ And also, it builds your confidence when you go to school. That’s something you can never take away.”

“What we’re doing, helping kids in need with a pair of shoes is really, really important,” said Texas Rangers Catcher Robinson Chirinos, who helped with the drive.

Tammy Gibson brought her kids with her to donate shoes. “I took them down to the store and let them each pick out a pair. Then we had a little family devotional and prayed over the shoes.”

Alvarro explained what he hopes for the child who gets the shoes he and his family picked out. “I just hope that he is able to walk comfortably … and that he finds hope in our Lord Jesus.”

“KCBI listeners never cease to amaze me with their generosity and Christ-like desire to help,” said Matt Austin, general manager of KCBI. “I’m thrilled that we can be a part of this important effort to provide for these precious children from Houston and South Texas in their time of need.”

Understanding that the ministry of Christian music is never more needed than in times of crisis, KCBI listeners also generously donated $10,000 as part of KCBI’s Fall Fundraiser to help restore power to a Christian radio station in Houston which had been damaged by the storm.

#BreakTheSilenceSunday 2017

At KCBI’s request, the mayors of 17 cities – including Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington – declared Sun., Oct. 29 #BreakTheSilenceSunday in North Texas. Almost 40 North Texas churches, including megachurches as diverse as First Baptist Church of Dallas, Life Church/Mundodefe in Colleyville and McKinney Church in Fort Worth, shone the light on the issue of domestic violence during the month of October and on #BreakTheSilenceSunday, raising awareness and urging women impacted to get help.

The Day of 1,000 Bibles 2018

KCBI is the Bible-minded station for North Texas. We kicked off the New Year of 2018 with The Day of 1,000 Bibles – partnering with Lifeway Christian Stores to distribute Bibles to people hungry to begin the New Year with a new Bible and a new commitment to reading God’s Word.

The KCBI Prayer Center

KCBI’s mobile Prayer Center continues to grow, praying in-person with over 500 people during at least ten different events – including two back to school events for the Dallas ISD and the Tarrant County ISD and a Thanksgiving Dinner Distribution. In the last year, over 20,000 prayers were sent up online by listeners for each other.

KCBI is blessed to serve in North Texas, demonstrating that 90.9 is not just a radio station, it’s a ministry.


KCBI is committed to reaching people where they are and doing life alongside them – and in an increasingly digital environment, we have managed to not only keep up, but to excel at reaching listeners in the digital arena. While the radio broadcast remains the core of our communication, our digital reach has skyrocketed in the past year. With the addition of a Digital Content Director to our team in September, our digital presence has become more focused and streamlined.

Facebook is a space for our on-air personalities to engage with listeners in a lighthearted but intimate way. Our DJs browse their newsfeeds for the latest encouraging news, funny images and videos, or heartwarming stories, post them to our page, and then discuss them on air, guiding listeners to find out more on our page. We’ve also found success with Facebook Live videos, especially when Christian artists visit the studio – a live video with Chris Tomlin had nearly 1,000 live viewers, and reached more than 60,000 people after posting. Original video content also consistently performs well – we create and post highlight videos from concerts, conferences and KCBI promotional events, as well as in-studio interviews, how-to videos, and animated cartoons. We currently have nearly 29,000 likes on our Facebook page, with between 10,000-15,000 engagements on our content per week. We also consistently reach more than 50,000 additional people per week through shared posts and sponsored content.

Our website remains the hub for folks to learn more about the station and discover more information about topics discussed on-air. With a visual design overhaul in the beginning of May, visitors to the website now see a newsfeed-like interface, auto-updating as new blogs and podcasts are posted and new songs start to play. Our prayer engine is one of the most popular and engaging features of the website – visitors can submit a prayer request or a word of praise, and other users can pray for them and celebrate with them in their praise. The site is clean, modern and easily navigable – reaching between 4,000-5,000 unique visitors per week.

Email marketing is also a staple of our listener outreach. With a subscription list of more than 24,000, we send out a weekly Team Hope Update filled with KCBI news and events, contests, videos and blogs from our on-air personalities. We also nurture our financial donors, called iPartners, with a monthly iPartner Exclusive email, where we offer private contest entries, free downloads, and exclusive video content.

Perhaps our most impressive digital venture this year has been our mobile app. Launched in January, the app has dramatically increased our digital listeners, and expanded our reach from the DFW area to all the way across the world. The app offers two different streaming experiences – one all-music stream, and one all-teaching stream. Beyond listening to the station, app users can engage with us in tons of new ways – they can set an alarm to wake up to the station, get alerts when their favorite songs are about to play, and even text us in the studio, right from the app (our most popular feature by far). We’ve received texts from listeners across the United States, as well as South Korea, Ghana, Brazil, and many more countries around the world. In just six months, our app has had more than 4,000 downloads, and served more than 130,000 sessions.

In terms of weekly digital cume, our app is responsible for an enormous hike in digital listenership. Between June and December of 2017, our weekly digital cume averaged between 4,000-5,000 unique users. Beginning in January (when the app launched), the weekly cume began to climb, and now remains consistently between 8,000-9,000 weekly listeners.

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St. Louis, MO
Market Category
Web Site
Supporting Pictures & Videos
The station may include a link to a page with supporting pictures & videos. Please note: they were not required to include this, so if this is blank, it shouldn’t take away from their score.



St. Louis, Missouri? Heard anything about us lately? If so, chances are it wasn’t great news. Recent years have been tough on our home city. Forbes magazine ranked St. Louis #2 on its list of Most Dangerous Cities in the United States. The suburb of Ferguson was ground zero for riots and protests that have been on going from 2014 to today.

What does this mean for 99.1 JOY FM? In a word: opportunity. Opportunity to lead a city towards healing. To point the hurt and broken towards the hope of Christ. To acknowledge our differences…and our similarities. Opportunity to allow God to use one of the biggest radio signals in the city in ways that only He can do. Here’s what that looked like this past year:

Dear White Christian: The entire staff of JOY FM participated in a multi-week study of the book “Dear White Christian”, as well as diversity training with the book’s author Aaron Layton, in order to uncover our own racial bias. We learned how it impacts what we do on-air and how we interact with our market. Aaron and several minority employees of JOY FM joined the Morning Show for a unique on-air conversation about racism and how to work together as a community.

Common Crisis/Common Ground: When JOY FM learned that there was a group of inner city pastors meeting together on a regular basis to pray and address some of the practical needs of our city, we reached out to them to see how we could best assist. Their answer was insightful and simple: they needed more pastors from St. Louis suburbs to recognize they had a role. JOY FM quickly responded by promoting and attending these meetings. The results: More involvement from the churches of many backgrounds, and first step solutions like the on-going initiative “Operation Clean Sweep” – an effort to breathe life into some hurting areas of the city through simple acts of service.

The JOY FM Sofa Concert Series: Concerts the entire city can experience and enjoy together! Sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what happens every Thursday night in February. JOY FM artists perform to a sold-out crowd, celebrating JOY-FM’s birthday. The concerts are also broadcast live so ever listener can be part of these incredible nights, listening from the comfort of their sofa. This year’s concerts included Citizen Way/Jonny Diaz, David Dunn/Aaron Shust, Love & The Outcome/We Are Messengers, and Hannah Kerr/Jason Gray.

Meals for a Million: JOY FM partnered with Beraka Ministries in a massive 2-day long food packing event held at the Family Arena. The goal was to pack 1 million meals and distribute those meals to qualified organizations so they could feed the hungry in our area, then beyond our city once local needs were met.

Sticker Stops: There’s a local joke: you know you’re in St. Louis when you can’t drive more than a mile without seeing a 99.1 JOY-FM sticker. There’s even a Facebook group, 10-thousand strong, of locals who wish JOY-FM stickers would go away. We can’t explain their popularity other than it’s a God-thing. But we do seize the chances to equip our audience to spread the message of JOY-FM. Churches, concerts, book stores, restaurants, retail stores, plus various fairs and festivals were the types of places we brought Sticker Stops to. Our average stop usually has about 150 friends roll through during a two hour window. JOY FM stickers have become so ubiquitous that the city’s newspaper, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, even included “spotting a JOY FM Sticker” on its summer 2017 feature of “Road Trip Bingo.”

Share Some JOY: The slightest act of kindness can turn someone’s day around. That’s the simple idea behind JOY FM’s ongoing “Share Some JOY” campaign, where listeners are encouraged to perform a random act of kindness and pass along a note. The note explains the reason for sharing JOY and asks the recipient to call the station to share their story of getting “JOY’D.” The most common way is to pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru, but we have heard amazing stories like groceries being paid for, money taped to gas pumps, and simple things like flowers being handed out at the grocery store. This very grassroots campaign empowers JOY FM listeners to use their creativity and generosity to make St. Louis a better place…one person, and one act of kindness at a time.

Day of Help & Hope: A morning set aside for the JOY FM staff and listeners to share their stories and struggles. A phone bank of over 25 area pastors are here to answer questions, offer resources, and pray for listeners in need. This year, during this one morning, over 550 calls/texts were received. Every single person was connected with the prayer and resources they needed.

In addition to the above, the past year has included the annual JOY Ride to Nashville (a 3-day road trip to Nashville for 50 listeners, packed with private concerts), the Perfect Gift Blood Drive on Black Friday (benefiting the American Red Cross), Christmas with Compassion (an on-air drive to sponsor a child through Compassion International), a missions trip with listeners to Honduras, and much more.

Is St. Louis responding to these efforts? According to Tom Taylor’s daily Radio Now news updates, JOY-FM has spent every month of the year, except one, in first place among listeners ages 6+, as of the date of this submission.

Clearly, JOY is contagious. And 99.1 JOY FM is using its unique position in a challenged city to make sure as many people as possible experience the Source of our JOY.

Music. Faith. Community. And a lot of fun in the process. That’s 99.1 JOY FM!


Realizing that our digital footprint is an important extension of our brand, 99.1 JOY FM has used its website and social media platforms to connect our listeners to what they hear.

JOYFMonline.org is home to the following unique features:

“Serve St. Louis:” When there is a need in St. Louis, JOY FM listeners want to respond. This area of our site allows listeners to plug into various service projects in our community throughout the year.

“I’m Going Back:”: Realizing many of our listeners may have fallen away from church for some reason (or maybe have never been), JOY FM has made it easy for listeners to head back to church by providing a resource to locate a church that fits them. They can sort through different criteria, but the best part is that the churches listed have been submitted by other JOY FM listeners, so they will have at least one “friend” in the house when they walk through the door.

“Help & Hope:” Knowing that listeners may be coming to our site looking for answers, this list of local resources helps guide them to different organizations to assist with whatever struggles they may be facing. Those in search of Christian counseling, financial assistance, pregnancy resources, addiction and more begin to find help and hope here.

“Minute in the Word:” Each day during the morning show, JOY FM shares a “Minute in the Word” – a daily devotional that breaks down a scripture and translates it into easily relatable terms. Listeners can sign up to have a recorded version of this feature emailed to them daily. So, if you miss it on-air or running late for work – no worries! Your daily encouragement from JOY FM is waiting in your inbox, and easily shareable.

JOY FM Concert Pre-Sales: As an added benefit to those donors that keep JOY FM on the air, supporters are emailed a link and password to purchase tickets up to a week in advance of the public on-sale for select shows. This has proven to be highly successful as donors love having the ability to grab their seats before anyone else to the biggest concerts of the year!

Social Media

JOY FM is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The lion’s share of our efforts are focused on Facebook. Our participation in the Jacobs Media Tech. survey each year affirm Facebook is THE place our audience gathers in the digital world.
* We’ve tapped into Facebook’s live video feature to take listeners behind the
scenes. Our audience loves the inside scoop on what happens in the studios and
hallways, at concerts, and our events around the city.

The Minute in the Word daily devotional is posted each day, along with the audio from the morning show so that you can get and share your daily encouragement at anytime.

JOY FM’s Story Time – a unique video created by JOY FM artists. As they come to town for concerts or studio visits, we ask artists to share one line of a story. They are given the lines that tell the story so far, and then they make up the next line in the story. It’s proven to be a fun and unique way for our listeners to get a different feel for their favorite artists, and the artists seem to have a lot of fun exercising their creativity and playing along!

Extra Help: to make the most ratings noise in Nielsen’s PPM system, precise appointment listening is a must. 99.1 JOY-FM uses every digital media tool at our disposal to create those appointments. During contest promotions, JOY FM often posts extra clues, tips, and listening times the audience can’t get anywhere else.

– Like most successful stations, JOY-FM heavily promotes our listen online
options. Via the website, our own branded app, and via emerging tools like the
Amazon Echo speakers.
– During the date range requirements for this submission, the 99.1 JOY-FM app
added more than 51,000 new users.

The lines between analog radio and digital media are quickly vanishing. Meanwhile, there are some things no medium other than radio can do well. JOY-FM aims to excel at both the radio side, and the digital side.

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Dallas, TX
Market Category
Web Site
Supporting Pictures & Videos
The station may include a link to a page with supporting pictures & videos. Please note: they were not required to include this, so if this is blank, it shouldn’t take away from their score.



94.9 KLTY, Your Life Inspired. The tag line tells of our mission. To inspire the lives of listeners in North Texas. This is done through the music and through our actions on air and in the community. KLTY has done Christmas Wish for the last 15 years, in 2018, we decided we wanted to do this community outreach/service all year, not just Christmas time so “Speak Love” was born. Through Speak Love, we continue to bless the community each month throughout the year.

We blessed a single mom of three who was in a wheel chair because of years of domestic abuse with a revamped home that contained wheel chair access ramps, widen doors, new floors, painted walls and outside the home and landscaping.

Kathleen is a 76 year old talented artist and active member at her church. She speaks love to seniors in her community by running errands for them. When her car broke down and she couldn’t afford the make repairs we stepped in with the help of some clients and fixed her car so she could continue to serve her community.

Brandon Dunagan served our nation in the army for many years. After his brave fight with cancer ended, he left behind a wife and two young kids. The illness had drained their accounts so their friend Jody prayed that we could help the family. We took mom and her daughter for a day of pampering at a local spa, guitar lessons for his son who wants to learn to play the guitar. We started a $5,000 college fund for Jaxon and Brailey and we planted a tree in memory of Brandon.

We’ve blessed others with free breakfasts in the drive thru, lunch to offices and more and will continue to Speak Love in our community for years to come.

We use our social media to convey videos of these Speak Love events and encourage others in our community to help Speak Love to those around them.

94.9 KLTY has been blessed to serve upwards of 974,000 listeners weekly (Nielsen PPM Mon-Sun 6a-Mid Persons 6+ October 2017) and have enjoyed the blessing of a top 5 in Women 25-54 in 6 separate monthlies in the past year (Nielsen PPM Mon-Sun 6a-Mid W25-54 June 2017, October 2017, November 2017, January 2018, February 2018, March 2018) and a top 5 in Persons 6+ (Nielsen PPM Mon-Sun 6a-Mid Persons 6+ June 2017).

Celebrate Freedom 27, our 27th year, was an amazing event! More than 30,000 attended our annual free event at Southfork Ranch with music from Crowder, Matthew West, Danny Gokey, Zach Williams, Britt Nicole, Josh Wilson, Hollyn and more!

Our “Win Win” element to contests have changed the landscape in on-air giveaways. Not only does a listener win cash, we’re giving them cash to bless another. They get more excitement over giving away money then they do winning it! Its’ a Win Win!

And for the 5th year in a row we continue to recognize an amazing teacher each month during the school year as the 94.9 KLTY Teacher of the Month! We’ll surprise them at a school assembly with a plaque and some goodies for the teacher.


We have used social media, YouTube, our email database and website and more recently podcasts to help further the mission of KLTY outside of a normal terrestrial signal. Through Facebook and YouTube videos, we have been able to spread our “Speak Love” campaign. This is our campaign to speak love to the community of Dallas/Fort Worth through helping others and encouraging our listeners to do the same to their friends, family and neighbors through acts of love and service.

We have grown a new email database, called the KLTY Fan Club from nothing to just over 34,000 as of April 30, 2018. We continue to grow our Facebook fan base, up to 114,000+ fans by the end of April. We have grown Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram considerably in the past year as well. All these areas give us another touch point to reach a listener away from the radio or be exposed to a person that may not have ever tried us out before.

The link provided includes several photos and videos. The photos include mid-day and Night Light host Bonnie Curry and some of our promotions folks having a good time with some young listeners; a special KLTY-exclusive breakfast/meet & greet with a listener and Chris Tomlin; morning show hosts Frank Reed and John Hudson surprising a little boy with at school with is father coming home from Afghanistan; morning show co-host John Hudson buying some sweet treats for some local police; and a father and son at one of our events holding up one of our signs we encourage listeners to take photos and post “You Are Important”.

The link also includes 2 videos, the first one is a Speak Love video with Zaira. She is a student that wants to be a law enforcement officer and work with pregnant and abused teens. She was a victim of abuse and is a young mother herself. Her teachers nominated her and with the help of a local client, we were able to bless her with a car and a monetary gift so she could keep going to school and become a police officer.

The second video is the audio transcript “Spirit of this Great Nation” of morning show host Frank Reed and his encouragement for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and those that helped, served and saved lives along the Texas coast.

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St. Louis, MO
Market Category
Web Site
Supporting Pictures & Videos
The station may include a link to a page with supporting pictures & videos. Please note: they were not required to include this, so if this is blank, it shouldn’t take away from their score.



BOOST 101.9 is a return to the heart of Contemporary Christian Music. CCM began as a movement among young people: a counter-cultural reaction to the counter-culture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. CCM grew up, and today shines as a successful super-servant of women 35-54.

The result: Christians and the curious often face two choices on the radio: CCM stations tailored be safe for all and energizing for soccer moms, or secular outlets with the right music and the wrong messages.

Mainstream culture is dominated by youthful, energetic pop and hip hop artists, movies, and fashion. Even minivan commercials tap into these movements.

Enter BOOST 101.9: Pop, Hip Hop, and Hope for St. Louis. CCM packaged for younger, multicultural generations with diverse appetites.

BOOST 101.9 uses a shrewd mix of marketing and partnerships to cut through the clutter. BOOST engages today’s generations on their terms: where they live, study, and work.

BOOST the LOVE – The destructive riots from Ferguson in 2014 may be a distant national memory, but to locals, not much has changed. In 2017 alone, there were 16 documented protests around St. Louis, some of which turned violent. On the night of September 15, demonstrators left a trail of destruction in an area known as the Central West End. Born out of this dark night: the BOOST the LOVE movement. Just days after the unrest, BOOST 101.9 DJ’s and listeners marched through the most damaged areas, sharing love and hope. The end of the march was just the beginning. BOOST the LOVE now happens daily. BOOST pops up at random places to deliver drinks, snacks, giveaways and more where people least expect it. Listeners follow the BOOST example and do their own random acts of kindness.

BOOST 101.9 and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes team up monthly, offering Student of the Month awards to deserving learners. The winning FCA student becomes a guest DJ, and BOOST gets exposure at the student’s school. This partnership opens the door for BOOST to be invited to all kinds of public school events throughout the year, and turns influencers at these schools into BOOST ambassadors.

Breakdown St. Louis: an organization that goes to public schools, helping students navigate choices in relationships, sex, alcohol, drugs, bullying, self-harm and suicide. Breakdown STL gets in front of more than 50,000 students across the STL metro each year, and brings BOOST along. Exposing these students to BOOST 101.9 helps them connect the message of Breakdown to their everyday decisions.

Inspire Young Adults Block Parties – Once a month, BOOST 101.9 teams up with a local church to serve over 200 young adults. They worship, learn, build friendships, and enjoy live performances by various BOOST artists and DJ’s.

Tim Tebow’s Night To Shine Prom – Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom experience, centered on God’s love, for teens with special needs. For the past three years, BOOST has DJ’d the St. Louis event and helped shine God’s light on some very distinguished guests.

Winshape Camps – BOOST partnered with Winshape Camps to promote a week of fun and faith for grade school aged students. BOOST was on-site to DJ live at the final day of camp as parents shared lunch and the camp experience with their kids.

2017 Eclipse Viewing Party – God made the eclipse happen, BOOST made the party happen. The primary viewing path for this summer’s eclipse was in line with St. Louis, so BOOST threw a party in the parking lot at a local eye-care location. The first 101 people to arrive received free viewing glasses, free lunch, and memories for a lifetime!

Blood Drives: BOOST 101.9 teamed up with the American Red Cross, Mercy Hospitals, and sister station JOY-FM to hype up various blood drives throughout the year. The Red Cross reported November’s Perfect Gift drive broke records and collected enough blood to save more than 2,000 lives.

Partnership for Success Career Fair for Ex-Offenders – BOOST was thrilled to be on-site at this job fair thrown exclusively for ex-offenders looking to re-enter the workforce. A common thread that runs through BOOST: champion people and groups society shuns.

Serve St. Louis: BOOST 101.9 and its sister station combined efforts with dozens of local churches to bring hope to the city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods. Every month, areas with open drug markets and abandoned homes are invaded by BOOST DJ’s, listeners, and pastors. They repair property, sweep away trash, and lead by serving.

Win-Wins: BOOST 101.9 enjoys ongoing partnerships with the St. Louis Cardinals, Sky Zone, the St. Louis Ambush (pro indoor soccer team), the St. Louis Dream Center, Meals For a Million, Jack In the Box, Fro Yo, Chipotle, Chick Fil A, Marcus Theaters, Six Flags, the YMCA, and many others. These relationships deliver unique experiences for the audience and help BOOST 101.9 build a following across the region.

Better Together: In addition to loving its audience, BOOST aims to be a good partner to its peers.
* There is no industry sanctioned chart for BOOST 101.9 and like-minded
stations. BOOST partnered with RadioServers to create thehotchart.com. This resource has fostered unity across the format. The Hot Chart’s influence has become so strong that every major CCM label now releases singles exclusively for these stations.
* Just like the chart challenge, there is no infrastructure in place for stations
like BOOST to receive single servicing. BOOST 101.9, HOT 95.9/Orlando, and NGEN/Houston collaborated to create a private distribution system. It’s offered free to any Hot Chart partner.

Many inside CCM radio see an uncertain future: the aging of Christian AC’s audience and the fracturing of the at-large culture. The BOOST 101.9 format is a possible answer to both challenges.

“After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb…” – Revelation 7:9-10.


While BOOST 101.9 may be an FM radio station in the eyes of industry insiders, to many of our listeners, their first experience with BOOST came from the digital world.

It begins with the BOOST 101.9 branded app, provided by Commotion and constantly customized by BOOST. To date, the BOOST 101.9 app has accumulated more than 113,000 users!

Inside the app, on top of streaming the live BOOST feed, users can:

– Sign up for Song Alerts, using a widget provided by Futuri. With Song Alerts,
listeners get a 5 minute heads up. They receive a text, tweet, or email alerting
them to turn on BOOST 101.9 to hear the songs they crave.
* During the date range requirements for this submission, BOOST 101.9
sent out more than 51,000 song alerts! That’s a lot of perfectly tailored
appointment listening: nearly 140 personalized invites sent per day.
– Get to know the music BOOST plays. While BOOST 101.9 may sound like a mass appeal Rhythmic Top 40 outlet, we understand our music is hardly ubiquitous. People love what they know and know what they love. In order to shorten the time it takes to become familiar with our playlist, almost every song BOOST 101.9 plays is searchable, with sample clips ready to play at the tap of your thumb.
– Control: Sure, you can create your own perfect personal playlists using platforms like Spotify. But there’s something magical about sharing your personal tastes with a community of friends. BOOST 101.9’s daily Takeover sessions, powered by Futuri, allow listeners to literally control what’s on BOOST in real-time.
* During the date range requirements for this submission, 186,906 song votes were cast during BOOST Takeovers.
– Connection: Even top rated major market stations have noticed a decline in request line interaction thanks to texting, social media, etc. Instead of pining for the good old days, BOOST connects to our audience on their phone screens. Through our app, they can talk to the DJ’s in real-time, as well as upload pics and their voice to our studio. But do you know what mostly happens? Listeners end up talking to each other. The BOOST app becomes a gathering place where community is fostered.

Outside our app, BOOST 101.9 tries to get anywhere a potential listener might naturally live. Including:
– the iHeartRadio app
– iTunes
– Tune In
– Mixcloud
– Hearthis
– Spotify (we began creating branded playlists…it’s a work in progress)
– Google AdWords
– YouTube
– And of course, our own website.

One of the most popular benchmarks on BOOST 101.9 is a daily mix show called “The Mix Spot.” Its inclusive presentation, with calculated use of elements from mainstream culture, has helped The Mix Spot become a popular on-ramp to the rest of what BOOST 101.9 does. These Mix Spots are archived through Mixcloud.com and Hearthis.at, and made available for replay through the BOOST app, website, and iTunes. Cumulatively during the date range required for this submission, various Mix Spot shows have been played from these sources more than 140,000 times.

Google AdWords: During the date range required for this entry, our Google marketing efforts yielded 1.25 million impressions for the BOOST 101.9 brand, and more than 72,000 clicks to our customized landing page. The landing page is a digital welcome mat for somebody unfamiliar with BOOST. It simply, quickly tells them what we do, and instantly loads the station stream. No clutter. Just the main attraction.

Social media:

To be honest? We used to chase engagement numbers alone. How many likes and shares could we accumulate as fast as possible? Cat memes and more cat memes please!

After a couple of years of chasing braggable stats, all other metrics by which you can judge success were flat. Keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook and Instagram didn’t seem to move the needle.

In early 2017, we decided to let BOOST be BOOST. Instead of constantly believing going viral was our meal ticket, we shifted our social media efforts to simply reflect who we are, and provide content listeners want from us. So far, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our audience size is at an all time high, as is our listener support. Genuine engagement trumps number chasing every time.

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. BOOST is there, and active. We closely watch the trends, our own analytics, what the Jacobs Media Tech surveys tell us about the national landscape, plus what Jacobs says about our own audience.

We’ve learned that Facebook is still the gorilla, but waning quickly among the younger end. Our efforts have adjusted accordingly. Less memes on Facebook and more here-today-gone-tomorrow stories on Instagram and Snapchat. Less self-promotion and more inviting listeners along for the fun.

We also know our limits. There’s no luxury of a full time videographer. And even our digital media people spend half their time on the air or in the community. The result for the listener: young, fun, scrappy posts and videos that probably reflect the young, scrappy view our audience has of themselves.

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As if serving one community isn’t a privilege, BOOST RADIO served six in 2021. In January, BOOST reintroduced themselves to St. Louis when they moved from a translator to a full-power signal. BOOST hit the cold streets with weekly “Sweet Stops;” the first 95 listeners to show up got free treats. BOOST team members served as the official DJs for two different Polar Plunges with the Special Olympics in February; nearly $200,000 was raised from hundreds of brave swimmers. March was when BOOST grew into Chicago! To celebrate, the station delivered deep dish pizza to listeners in St Louis and Chicago. BOOST RADIO renamed April 1 to April Fuel’s Day and had DJs pop up at random gas stations in both markets to buy gas for strangers. Spring & Summer brought BOOST to Minneapolis, Portland, OR, Pittsburgh, and Fayetteville, NC. The station brought their new friends Pop Up Parties for their backyard BBQ’s and open houses. BOOST supplied food, party favors, and custom mixes for dozens of winners nationwide. During the late summer and early fall, the station partnered with Out of the Darkness for suicide prevention walks. Across all BOOST markets, nearly 10,000 walked together. During the holidays, the station teamed up with rapper Thi’sl & the Salvation Army for the Full Ride Toy Drive. BOOST listeners filled a storage locker & U Haul full of gifts for children in need. 2021 was a year BOOST hit the streets and empowered its audience to bless others in their communities.


At Hope Media Group, the passion for Christ and the city of Houston shine in its efforts to mobilize the community to do good works so that more people can experience God’s love. After Hurricane Ida, generous KSBJ and NGEN listeners raised over $276,000 with God’s Pit Crew, sending 684 KSBJ Team Help Crews to Louisiana and sponsoring the distribution of 2,711 Blessing Buckets. KSBJ listeners also provided 20,000 bottles of water for fellow Houstonians after the winter freeze, and over 2,450 KSBJ and NGEN listeners participated in our annual Blood Drive with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center saving more than 7,000 lives. A ministry committed to prayer, KSBJ formed the Greater Houston Prayer Council (GHPC), unifying 48 prayer groups across the city with an interdenominational, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational focus. KSBJ was also a beacon of joy to the community serving 3,000 cups of Blue Bell ice cream last summer and handing out 4,175 Easter Crosses for listeners to display as a reminder that “He is Risen.” During the holiday season, 91.7 Vida Unida blessed 100 families with Thanksgiving meals, and KSBJ listeners fulfilled the Christmas wishes of 9,315 children under the care of Houston CPS in partnership with Be A Resource. Beyond loving their neighbor, caring KSBJ and NGEN listeners sponsored 1,233 Kenyan children through Compassion International. In a year of unforeseen challenges along with the enduring effects of COVID-19, Hope Media Group listeners served as the hands and feet of Jesus like never before.


KCBI shares Jesus’ love and transforming power in Dallas-Fort Worth, inviting listeners to join the station in serving the community. KCBI Outreaches blessed nearly 67,000 individuals in 2021. In February, KCBI listeners provided 25,000 bottles of water to people in DFW whose water supply had been contaminated after an unprecedented winter storm disrupted power for several days. Later that month, nearly 1,300 women gathered for KCBI’s HeartStrong Faith Conference in Dallas to worship, pray and grow. Speakers included bestselling author Margaret Feinberg, podcaster Tara-Leigh Cobble, and theologian Nika Spaulding. Through KCBI’s Summer of Service, listeners donated over 13,000 meals, along with 9,000 Bibles, to community members still struggling with the COVID pandemic. Another 350 KCBI volunteers served at local ministries on our Summer of Service Day. They assembled 1,000 Love Boxes for women facing unplanned pregnancies; prepped backpacks, sorted clothing and distributed food to those in need; and prepped nearly 2,000 shoes for kids whose parents otherwise couldn’t afford them. Thanks to listeners’ generosity, KCBI distributed more than 32,000 Bibles to Texas prisons, human trafficking ministries and humanitarian ministries in 2021. Listeners purchased sonograms for pregnancy centers, which helped save more than 5,500 babies from abortion. They provided 38,000 bottles of water, along with 500 Bibles, to victims of the devastating tornadoes that swept through Kentucky in December. And throughout 2021, listeners offered more than 21,300 prayers for requests through KCBI’s Online Prayer Center. KCBI is grateful to God for the opportunity to impact DFW and beyond with Jesus’ love and transforming power.


Life 102.5 has a heart for Madison! For the 4th year in a row, during Valentine’s season, Life 102.5 invited listeners to share the love of Jesus with children and families receiving care at the Children’s Hospital. Listeners generously provided 2,234 Lego kits for the children. Afternoon host Summer Shepherd interviewed Dr. Melissa Mork on her award-winning podcast, “No Seriously, How Do I Do This?” Their conversation inspired the station’s “Embrace Play” giveaway, supporting families’ mental health during the pandemic. Life 102.5 provided a week’s worth of experiences for listeners, including art classes, game nights, and more. Morning Show host Dave Conour joined Team World Vision and rang two full marathons to bring attention to World Vision’s efforts of providing clean water to children and families around the world, Dave’s many miles provided 260 families with clean water for life! Life 102.5’s 21st annual Shoebox Gifts for Kids drive collected more than 1500 Christmas boxes of school supplies, hygiene items, toys, and winter clothing for children in Dane County. It was the station’s largest year yet. Amanda Brooks, Morning Show co-host and host of the weekly program “Faith & Life Today” focused on giving voice to women’s health, family and children’s issues in Madison including, education, marriage and divorce, immigration, and social justice. Life 102.5 had a wonderful year of reaching families, through children, with the love of Jesus. That’s why in 2022, Life 102.5’s outreach goal is focused on helping the most vulnerable children and their families in Madison and Southern Wisconsin.


Spirit 92.9 continued its commitment of blessing the central Minnesota community through intentional service projects. As the pandemic affected another year, station listeners rose to the challenge of uplifting and encouraging those feeling loss, loneliness, or burnout. Thanks to the help of generous listeners and business partners, Spirit 92.9 raised more than $8,000 in an online tip jar that blessed the staff at 19 local restaurants returning to work full time with huge tips during the Big Tip promotion. The restaurant workers were grateful for the visibility and appreciation. Numerous area teachers nominated by their students and families received special honor at the end of the school year with flowers and $500 VISA gift cards as part of “Thank A Teacher” organized by Spirit 92.9. In the fall, Spirit 92.9 partnered with two local ministries and provided free holiday meals to the community. During the ‘More Than A Meal’ event, the station worked with community members who donated enough to provide 6,000 meals and give help to people in need. Station team members also prepared and served meals together at the local homeless mission. At Christmastime, 11 community members wrote Spirit 92.9 and shared the story of someone they believed deserved some extra joy due to personal hardships. The individuals received $1000 to bless that person during Spirit 92.9’s Share The Joy promotion. Phone calls were made to hundreds of listeners to offer prayer and encouragement. Prayer support and a personal response is offered all year long.


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Jim Campbell, Founder & Network President of Radio Training Network, Inc. began his radio career in commercial radio in Tennessee in 1964.  In 1966 he moved his family to Lakeland, Florida to attend college, and upon graduation he joined the staff at First Assembly of God Church where he and the church launched in the mid 1970s the first Contemporary Christian Radio Station in the nation, WCIE-FM. The station grew in both market impression and influence not just in Lakeland, but around the country inspiring others to follow Jim’s lead. In 1989 Jim left the church and founded Radio Training Network, Inc. (RTN) and over the next 30+ years, he oversaw the acquisition and development of 40+ stations plus translators. With 130 team members, RTN stations serve the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Missouri. These stations are well recognized in their respective markets thanks to the servant leadership of the staff, aggressive marketing, and a commitment to a strong emphasis on Jesus first. At present RTN has some two million listeners each week on air and approximately the same number online.


Andrea Kleid is a 24-year veteran of radio and records. She began her career working in Christian radio at WNLT in Cincinnati, and then moved onto WAY-FM in West Palm Beach working in programming and promotions. Her next stop took her to JOY-FM in Tampa where she served as the Promotions Director. In 2004, Andrea moved to Nashville to begin her music industry career in radio promotion under Grant Hubbard at Capitol CMG. In 2008, Andrea became the Vice President of Promotion at Word Label Group where she led one of the most successful and influential radio promotion teams in the Christian music industry. Through her signature brand of honesty, passion for Christian music, and focus on relationships, Andrea developed a reputation for successfully launching new artists’ careers including for KING and COUNTRY, NEEDTOBREATHE and Francesca Battistelli. This year, Andrea celebrates her fifth year as the President of her own company, Boxer Poet. An advocate for both radio and artists, Andrea continues to zealously host conversations around further representation for women and people of color on Christian radio.


Jason Sharp has a rich history with CCM radio and leadership. His early years at WONU/Chicagoland and The Bridge/Delaware gave flight to his passion for great programming and innovative promotions. As Program Director of WCQR/Johnson City and eventually the network PD for Positive Alternative Radio, Jason’s influence grew across the industry. In 2007, Jason joined the team at Northwestern Media as Program Director and then Station Manager of KTIS, Minneapolis/St Paul. In 2015, Jason furthered his formal education and earned his master’s degree in organizational leadership. Applying his leadership knowledge and skills to work, he now serves as Senior Vice President of Broadcasting at Northwestern Media’s 23 stations in 14 markets across ten states that service 1.5 million listeners each week. Jason also served Christian Music Broadcasters, first as a charter member and eventually as the lead of CMB’s educational track at Momentum for more than ten years. He then served as the organization’s board chairman from 2017-2020. Jason continues to inspire others within Christian media toward excellence and compassion through a Christ-centered attitude, education, and practical application.


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In 1972, while serving in the U.S. Air Force in Orlando, Johnny Stone dreamt of a second kind of “air force,” that of radio. He took an overnight position at WDIZ-FM, the station where Z88.3 now stands. In the past 50 years of his career, Johnny’s work and personality raised the bar for other programmers in markets ranging from New York City, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego, Tampa, Atlanta, Tucson, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. During his stint as Program Director and Morning Show host at Star 99.1 New York, his team won the NAB Crystal Radio Award and CMB Station of the Year. Presently, Johnny serves as afternoon host with his wife, Stacey, at 91.9 WGTS in Washington D.C. winner of the 2021 NAB Marconi Award for Religious Station of the Year. Owner of StoneStudios, LLC. and as a 22-year veteran in Christian media, Johnny mentored several on-air talents. Today, along with his on-air role at WGTS, he mentors college students at CMBU, teaching and modeling the belief that “you have to win in the hallways to win on the airwaves.”


Lisa Williams was called to Christian radio while praying in 1990. She walked into KCVO in Camdenton, Missouri and started on the air that same week. Over the past 32 years, Lisa served in various roles in on-air, programming, fundraising, and station management at radio stations and networks including K-LOVE, Z88.3, Star 99.1, KCVO, and KCWN. As an on-air personality, Lisa earned several number one ratings in several markets and was the recipient of three industry awards. Lisa now serves as the Network Talent Coach for Northwestern Media, owner of 23 stations in 14 markets across ten states that service 1.5 million listeners each week. While at Northwestern, Lisa hosted the nationally syndicated show Life with Lisa Williams from 2016-2021. She stepped away from the show to focus on coaching more than 90 on-air talents, encouraging and nurturing them to shine the light of Christ through excellent radio. When she’s not coaching talent, Lisa helps stations raise money for their operations. She also hosts a Facebook group for women on-air in Christian radio called GodsRadioGirls and helps facilitate their annual retreat.