What Goes Around Comes Around

I’ve played Christian music on the radio since the Reagan era. These songs greatly encourage people. For many, this format is a lifeline.

I’ve always appreciated the work these lyrics do. They point people to Jesus, usually better than I do. I love that.

But something wondrous has happened of late. After three decades of promoting music designed to transform lives…

Mine got transformed.

Oh, I gave my life to Jesus long ago. The music has always spoken to me. I firmly believe in the power of God through contemporary Christian music. But recently, and it’s hard to explain, it’s sounded… “different”. I not only appreciate it, and I not only believe in it.

I need it.

Life on earth can be exciting, but it can also be difficult. It can be so much fun, but it can be very complicated. Joyous, yet at times painful. It’s during those difficult, complicated, and painful times that music about Jesus has lately been such a healing balm for my soul. Through Christian music, He has given me a renewed peace in times of storms. Just like I’ve been telling everyone else for so long.

I’m grateful to God for a taste of His own medicine!

Mike Harper
Vice President & Morning Show Host, KVNE


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