We Have Work To Do

A couple of weeks ago during a fundraiser, one of the on-air hosts referenced the Gospel story of the feeding of the 5,000.  The point was that even gifts we consider small, like five loaves and two fish, are important.  Jesus multiplies the gifts, and needs are met.

Reflecting on that, I went back to my office and read the text. As I read those familiar words again, something jumped out at me.  Jesus made his disciples do practically all the work!  He told them, “You give them something to eat.”  They found the boy who had the loaves and fishes, and they brought him to Jesus.  They were told to have the people sit down, to distribute the food, and to gather the leftover pieces in baskets.  What did Jesus do?  He gave thanks and broke the bread.  In other words, the only thing Jesus did was what only Jesus could do!  Only he could multiply those small gifts to meet the need.

Often in radio ministries, we pray for God’s blessing and provision, as we should.  But if I’m reading this passage correctly, we have a lot of work to do as well.  In the context of a fundraiser, it’s our job to prepare the listeners, staff, and volunteers for the event, to creatively make the case for support, to record the donations, and to thank the donors afterwards.  The only thing we can expect God to do for us is what only he can do!  We don’t have the option to be careless about our preparation or execution, and then expect God to make the phones ring.

For that matter, we can’t ignore the rules of good radio all year, ignore research, ignore advice from consultants, and then expect God to bless us with lots of listeners and abundant fundraisers.  We have work to do!  Hard, exacting work that sometimes takes us places we’d rather not go, like releasing employees who aren’t helping move the ministry forward, implementing research that goes against our gut feelings, and learning what it takes to put a quality product on the air break-by-break, day-by-day, and year-by-year. We earn the right to minister to people through our commitment to excellence.

Then God will bless your efforts and do what only he can do.

Doug Smith
Station Manager – Life 97.9

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