Start With God and Gratitude

I’ve been reading the personal messages listeners send to my station’s Facebook page. You can find great content this way, and another glimpse of your active demo. Some listeners just want a bumper sticker, another the name of a song, some are seeking help, others want to share a story or event. All deserve a decent, local, on-air break. 

I found a listener that streams us in New Hampshire; she’s a fan, and now a friend. She reached out to share her long distance connection with The Fish, and how inspired she feels when listening. I reached back with a phone call and sent her a little Fish stocking stuffer too. 

It’s those little touches. 

I know time is a commodity and I also know that speakerphones make it difficult to get a good quality phone call on the air, let alone time to connect, so I am rocking the work around. Sometimes at events I’ll share a business card and ask a listener to please leave me a voicemail with a story they had shared. That’s good quality sound. 

During our recent CMB trip to Las Vegas, a few of us had an unexpected extra night’s stay due a winter storm that canceled flights. We took advantage of some last minute half priced tickets after a quick stop at SOS Radio (shout out to Scott Herrold, thanks for the awesome tour!)

We ended up seeing Criss Angel’s Mindfreak show, he was incredibly humble and filled with gratitude. I’ll bet that’s not what you thought I’d say about him, especially if you’ve seen his rebel, punk face all over the Vegas billboards. At the start of the show Chris welcomed the audience and explained how his team was working through some things during previews, they had only six weeks to get all the production elements in place. The graphics alone in this show are mind boggling. 

His stage presence was appreciative, sassy, cool, talented, energetic and caring. He even had his mom in the front row, and spoke a few times about his young son’s cancer journey. “God willing,” Chris offered (several times), his sons last chemo treatment happened weeks ago, and then thanked everyone for coming. He ended his high octane show with the same amount of thanks, naming names, and offering the option to help children with pediatric cancer. In our short time together, his personal, unexpected touches made a difference. 

All smoke and mirrors aside I’m curious about the special touches you are receiving and delivering. Maybe I’m taking a chance at even challenging you with the magic, so I’ll segue to Pastor Jude from Crosspoint Church in Henderson, Nevada. 

Pastor Jude was not only gracious enough to give the CMB team a space to meet, but he gave us a great message, too. He encouraged us to not start our days with disappointment, to not focus on the problem, what hasn’t happened, or what might not happen, but to start with God and gratitude. Focusing on what God has already done! 

Think back on this last year: hasn’t God done so much in your life? Yield to God and let Him go first, surrender quickly. Pastor Jude also shared that we usually know the way to make this happen, and how it’s better to win small than lose big and if it doesn’t challenge us it doesn’t change us. 

Philippians 1:6: Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.

Beth Bacall
WFSHRadio Personality-Talent Coach

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