It all starts with a fella sitting by the road who is blind.

Jesus and his disciples walk by.

Jesus heals the man.

It was a sabbath.

Some of the Jewish people begin asking questions.

Did Jesus break the law by healing the man on a sabbath?

If Jesus can heal, is he the messiah? Is he a prophet?

This all ends up in front of the Jewish religious authorities.

They want to discredit Jesus so they can keep their power and influence.

They call Jesus a sinner.

In an attempt to say the man who was blind isn’t legitimate- they call in his parents.

His parents say it is their son but they don’t know how it happened.

The Jewish authorities are exasperated.

They’re tired of dealing with the Jesus issue.

Maybe if they get rid of the man who was healed this would all go away.

“They answered him, “You were born in utter sin, and would you teach us?” And they cast him out.” (John 9:34)

There was a belief in that day that an outward deformity was a result of horrible sin.

And so…the Jewish authorities shame him.

They announce he was born in utter sin.

That his blindness, which is now gone by the way, was a result of being the worst kind of sinner.

And then…they cast him out.

He was no longer welcome at synagogue.


He used to be blind. Now he can see.

But they’re still shaming him because he used to be blind.

They’re still treating and judging him for a condition that no longer exists.

And then verse 35 happens….

“Jesus heard that they had cast him out, and having found him…” (John 9:35)

When the world throws you by the side of the road like a bag full of trash, Jesus still cares.

When everyone else had turned their backs and rejected him…Jesus came looking for him.

That’s who our Jesus is.

That’s grace.

It’s a picture of the gospel – He rescues those the world considers useless.

Some of you reading this are followers of Jesus…but people still judge you by your past.

Let’s be honest, you judge yourself by your past.

You’re ashamed to show your face in certain places.

You walk with your head down so as to not make eye contact. Your shame is that deep.

If you know Him, hold your high.

He’s accepted you.

You’re forgiven. Loved.  Redeemed.

Your shame and guilt are gone.

For others, you’ve been left on the side of the road. Rejected. Helpless. The world used you and when it was done – it tossed you out with the rest of the trash.

Jesus loves you.

He’s come for you.

He wants to redeem you.

He wants to forgive your sin.

Lord, remind me that you’ll never leave me or forsake me…even though others will.

Remind me you’ve redeemed me. That I’m not left on the side of the road to rot.

Remind me I’m your child. That I can look people in the eye. That I’m forgiven.

Lord, I believe.

Help my unbelief.

Brian Sanders
Executive Vice President
Positive Alternative Radio


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