Presents or Presence?

As a Dad and a husband I have always sought to be a good provider for my family, but so many times I have fallen short. What I’ve perceived as my families greatest need, was not what I could provide materially, but my physical and mental presence. I’ll confess that for me that this a currency that is more costly, and requires muchmore of me.

Our Heavenly Father offers us his presence, but so often we would rather seek his presents. God walked with Adam in the garden so its understood that Adam had a close and intimate relationship with God, but Adam wanted something different. He wanted knowledge, he wanted what God had to offer instead of the gift of his presence.

Aren’t we so often the same?  This thought challenges me as so often I come to our father in prayer and am seeking answers to fix my life, or perhaps to know his secrets, or to gain his wisdom. I confess that I am seeking him for what I can get from him and not him himself. Incredibly we have a God who desires to meet with us in this way.

He desires our presence and waits for us (unfortunately and sadly he waits often in vain). David understood this and said in Ps 27:4, this ONE thing do I ask, this ONLY do I seek, that I would dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Jesus paid the price and removed the veil. If our ultimate goal is to hear God’s voice – to get answers and information from him- we won’t hear very much. When we desire God more than his answers, he gives us both freely. This holiday season lets take the time to give to our loved ones something that costs more, our time. And lets seek the free gift that our father so longs to give us, his presence.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for the greatest price that Jesus paid that we might enter into the holy of holies. May I never take that for granted and honor you today with seeking you and you alone. Father may our Hearts Burn for you. Thank you that you are the lover of our souls and wait to meet us with your warm embrace.

Dave Steunebrink
President, Showdown Management

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