We all want to do a great job with our radio, Christian music ministry. But sometimes we find ourselves thinking it’s not enough…we should do more! So, we pile more on more! When is it finished, when is it enough?  I don’t mean your show, your programming, promotions or Production I mean THE WORK. The issue for me is not that I am Unfinished (Sorry ‘Disa) it is that I somehow think that it is not okay. Not okay that I haven’t done enough, well enough.   I tend to let myself think more about what has not yet been achieved or what is not yet “completed” in my journey.

If I’m honest, (that’s for you MS Battestelli) I spend too much time thinking about why I’m not doing more or why I’m not more famous than the guy who invented Doritos by now. He not only invented them he even had them spread over his grave (true story).  But, truth is he’s not that famous! I mean none of us even remember his name what else he did.   I don’t know him but I know Doritos!

So, it’s more important that the work I do makes God’s name more famous than mine or my call letters, my label or my resume.  Meaning the work won’t likely ever be completed?  That’s okay! More on more isn’t more complete.

Leonardo da Vinci worked on the Mona Lisa for 15 years. By the time Leo died in 1519, he still didn’t consider it finished. (True fact)(Really!) But it’s one of the most famous paintings ever.

We are more like daVinci in life. So, our ministry, radio or music career is like the Mona Lisa…we may never feel like we’ve finished it. Or that it is good enough.  But it’s a sin to keep thinking it is all about us, our work, what we complete.

Use what God gave ya and believe that you have what you need. Picasso painted all of his masterpieces with regular house paint (true fact!) But they are worth millions NOW…I don’t understand why but someone thinks that house painted piece of canvas with three – “noses” is worth it.

The enemy of the Truth wants you to see you and your work as an unfinished paint by numbers of Elvis on velvet.  However, you are the Masterpiece God knew you would be, will be, can be. He completes you! (Hated the movie, love the quote!)  Stop letting the enemy of truth convince you that you or your work isn’t enough, not finished or not good enough….(see photo that looks like it should hang on a refrigerator door instead of a museum)

This is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.  So, perspective – You’re radio show, studio session or Promo has to be going better than this! More on more is wearing you out. Jesus says come to me you who are weary and heavy laden!

Philippians 1:6    And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Susan O’Donnell
Program Director/Afternoon Host


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