Just be Faithful.

I still remember that drive home on a hot July day in Central Illinois. The long straight two-lane road cut through fields of dark green corn under bright sunshine. I was 26 years old. I had just accepted my first station manager position, but fear and doubt mingled with my excitement. Questions raced through my mind. “Was I good enough to do this? Was I smart enough? Could I lead people? Did I have the talent needed… the Creativity…the toughness? What if I fail?”

Suddenly a distinct, almost audible thought pierced through the noise of my apprehension.

“Just be faithful.”

That was it. No promise of success. It was not a “deal.” There were no guarantees.

“Just be faithful.”

I remember feeling suddenly calm and reassured. Not that being faithful would be easy or even humanly possible. In fact, I’m not sure I can explain exactly what I thought “just be faithful,” meant.

Even now, it is hard to put into words other than to say that God would take care of the work He had called me to do. My “job” was to focus on my relationship with Him and walk in a way that would bring Him honor and glory.

Jesus’ words in Matthew 6.33 seemed to touch on it. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

He was going to take care of the results. I needed to make sure that I kept my heart in a place where He could use me. Not that I did not try to work hard or get better at the things I needed to do; but the fruit was always going to be His and that was very comforting.

Looking back over the years, I wish I could say I was as faithful as God called me to be that day. Not surprisingly, I’ve fallen way short too many times. Thank God for His grace! As I said, it wasn’t a deal. He didn’t say, “if you do this then I’ll do that.” He said, “Just be faithful,” and even when I was not faithful, He was still faithful.

If you are anxious about what God has called you to do, let me encourage you to trust Him for the outcome. He has enabled you with the gifts and talents needed to do the work. Focus on following Him the best you can every day and serving others. The rest will be added to you.

Steve Young
Station Manager
Life 102.5


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