Isaiah 43

2018 was a tough year.  2018 was probably the toughest year.

It started in late 2017 when cancer took full control of our Director of Strategic Relationships here at Dunham+Company, Joy Ayers.  By February of 2018 she was resting in her now perfect body at the feet of Jesus in heaven.  A glorious graduation, but a deeply painful time for our company, and for me personally.

Less than a month later I lost my WWII veteran grandfather.  And then just five months later lost my other grandfather who had been a bastion of faith and example of Christlikeness to me like no one else.

And finally just one week later one of my close friends lost his wife unexpectedly.

As a friend who has experienced similar loss told me as I was processing these events, I realized that grief is not controlled by time or place.  And that grief can be both debilitating and soul-wrenching.

But great is the faithfulness of our God.

And clear is the love that He lavishes on us.

God gave me Isaiah 43 as a gift during this season…and especially verse 4 “Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you…” 

Grieving is healthy, and especially so when done in the full context of God’s love for me personally.

What an encouragement we have that in the toughest of times we have a God who is the embodiment of love…and that the fullness of that love is directed at us personally.  By definition He will not abandon us nor will His love abate in any way during those seasons.

I don’t know what you might be facing today professionally or personally, but I would encourage you to spend some time unpacking the truth of God’s personal love for you as expressed in Isaiah 43.

Be encouraged today fellow servant of the King.  He loves you.  He is pursuing you.  And whatever the challenge, pain, grief or trial is presently in your life His care for you is deeply personal and of the utmost importance to Him.

Trent Dunham
President, Dunham+Company

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