During my son’s senior year in college he decided to run in the West Palm Beach Marathon. It was his first marathon and he trained hard and talked about it often.

I lived in Delaware, but I decided I wanted to be at the finish line when he crossed it, to celebrate and to witness this huge accomplishment.  But something came up and I couldn’t go.

A decade later, I don’t remember what came up, but I still kick myself for not being there for my son as he completed one of the physically hardest things he had ever done.  I regret it.

I am also a runner, but I have never competed in a marathon.  I don’t do 5K’s either.  I’m a runner in the sense that I live my life in fast mo.  That’s the opposite of slow mo.  I am always in a hurry, I try to crowd too much into every day, and I have virtually no margin.

No margin means no extra room built in for unexpected things, good or bad.  And I fall into bed every night exhausted and somewhat frustrated because I didn’t complete all the tasks on my list.

I am actually less of a runner now than I was when I was younger.  And I am being very intentional now about building margin into my life, saying ‘no’ sometimes, and trying to notice things.

Matt Canlis says we live in a tourist generation.  We are always on the go, always looking for something to do and we avoid being known.

Rather than human beings, we are human doings.

In the film Godspeed: The pace of being known, N.T. Wright says that the average human walks 3 miles per hour.  When Jesus was on the Earth, he lived and traveled in small villages and he walked.  3 miles per hour.

Today, we live in a 60 miles per hour world.  When you move fast, you miss things.  I know I do.

Wright asks, “what if we have to slow down to catch up with God?”

As people in the radio business, we live fast-paced, fishbowl lives.  Everything has to be timed to the second, and on time.  And people are watching and listening.  But what if we are moving so fast that we miss the things that God is placing along our way?   Case in point:  One day I was on my way to church when I passed a guy with a flat tire, obviously struggling to change it.  And I actually thought to myself as I drove by, “I don’t have time to help him, or I will be late to church.”    Thankfully the absurdity of that hit me and I turned around and helped the guy.

God has his own timetable.  Maybe it’s 3 miles per hour, maybe it’s not.  But I am pretty sure He isn’t impressed with my calendar and To Do list.

I don’t want to be a tourist anymore. I want to notice more.  I want to be known.  I want to be at the finish line for my son.  I want to slow down to catch up with God.

(If you want to watch this life-changing short film, Godspeed, here’s the link:  https://www.livegodspeed.org/watchgodspeed)

Bill Sammons
President / CEO, WKNZ
88.7 The Bridge
CMB Board Member & Gold Member


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