Confession Time

I’m a quote collector! I love power quotes that take you by surprise and make you think. I’ve ran into a few in the last year that really challenged me in new ways.

“A desert is a place where there is more evaporation than precipitation.”

“What’s in the well is going to come up in the bucket.”

“In ministry work it’s easy to get good at pointing others to Jesus and neglecting your own issues.”

“You can’t expect to refresh others if you aren’t refreshing yourself.”

I concluded it was time for change. I needed to be refreshed. I needed to connect to the Maker of my heart or things were not going to get better. I needed to be refreshed.

Little by little fifteen minutes here and there I turned off the TV, put down my phone and stopped scrolling Facebook. You would be surprised at how much time you have when you eliminate screen time! I took intentional steps like listening to audible books, scripture or worship while getting ready for bed or work. I began listening to a podcast instead of analyzing my station or other stations on a regular commute. I did not add to my schedule I just started choosing things that refreshed my soul, connected me to God or inspired me. The results have been amazing! I’m a better leader, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. I am more at peace, feeling better and more excited about everything in my life.

The God of the universe made the world and everything in it for you. He made you so He could spend time with YOU. When we broke off the relationship, He sent His ONLY Son to get us back. He loves you and wants a relationship with you.

I encourage you to start spending regular time with God away from your station or ministry refreshing yourself this week! If we want to lead powerful lives, we have to plug into the power source.

Michelle Ross
KSWP/KAVX, Assistant GM

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