Autumn Devotional

Growing up in Indiana, autumn brings back precious memories.  Pulling out the sweatshirts, Grandma pouring hot cocoa, evening walks to fall revival, harvest moons, bonfires, and best-of-all, High School FOOTBALL!  I really lived-it-up in fall.

I made sure to pass the joy found in October and November on to our boys. I can still see them dressed like Ninjas and Construction Workers collecting candy at church and from our neighbors.  And, it was so much fun raking the same leaves over and over only to jump in them and hide underneath!  Who doesn’t love autumn?!!!

Given my love for the season, I was surprised to find that ‘autumn’ is only mentioned once in the Bible?

In Jude 1:12 false teachers are compared to, “autumn trees without fruit.”  That must mean the trees WITH fruit are good.  So, autumn should be a fruitful season, the most abundant time of the year. Yet another reason to love autumn!

If this is true, shouldn’t the autumn season of life also be fruitful?

Last month, I turned 52-years old.  Guess I’m in MY autumn season.  And, looking around at the recent Momentum, I’m not the only one experiencing hair color fall foliage!

As communicators and leaders in, or approaching, our autumn season we now have an abundance of life to share with those we serve.  We’ve experienced having a family, losing loved ones, the pain of broken relationships, the unspeakable joy of success, and, the confusion of failure. Every day we speak to those who are going through these seasons, and, we share with love and concern because we’ve been there – or, we’ve gone through it with a friend.  Empathy, combined with the knowledge of a loving, stable God, is a powerful combination.

The autumn season of life should be a good season.  We have more time to focus on God’s blessings—family, friends, strength, shelter, provision, guidance, care, pray, deliver a fruitful ministry, opportunities to serve, and a desire to study His Word.

Autumn also provides a richer perspective as we seem to identify those who need the hug of a friend more quickly.

It’s also a good time to refocus on our commitment to God and dig in more closely to Him than in years gone by.

If it’s autumn, winter lies ahead.  But, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Dave Gordon
General Manager, Life 88.5
CMB Member since 2013

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