Life 88.5’s Morning Host/Director of Operations Pays it Forward

Life 88.5’s Morning Host and Director of Operations, Melony McKay and her daughter finally got to say thank you while also paying it forward to a nurse they say encouraged them during a tough time.

Melony McKaye said Stephanie Bell was in the room four years ago when doctors diagnosed her daughter Michaela with type 1 diabetes.

“It was really at a pivotal moment when we very first got the diagnosis from the doctor,”McKaye said. “She was at my daughter’s side putting the IV in when we got the news that she had type one diabetes. In that moment when the doctor walked away, I was just overwhelmed with about a million questions, fears and concerns.”

McKaye said that’s when nurse Stephanie shared some words of encouragement while revealing her own insulin pump.

Michaela is now 15, but Melony said it seems like just yesterday when she received her diagnosis, and she hasn’t been able to get that nurse that helped them out of her mind.

Melonly reached out on her radio show to try to find Stephanie. A friend called the radio DJ and helped set up a coffee date and was able to pay it forward with $400 cash.

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