Weekly Show Prep – 7/2/18

Every personality needs to do a self aircheck EACH month. If you put a reminder in your phone to listen to a recording of one WHOLE show, you’ll have such a better grasp on reality.  Self airchecks put your ego in check because you are usually your worst critic! Listen for your intent against what actually came through the speakers!

Aircheck yourself this week and answer these questions:

  1. Who is your show actually trying to reach? Is that original target person the one that you are actually reaching with the stories your told today? What results are you getting that seem to be a little different than what you are targeting?
  2. How does your target listener use your show when you are on the air? Is that person driving to work? Sitting in a cube at the office? Is she listening primarily in the car? Primarily at home?  Or primarily in the office on a computer? Is your target listener using your as background music? As a reconnect with God after a long day? As worship? As an information source? As entertainment?
  3. When your listener pushes the button for your radio station, what does she expect to feel? (Is your show delivering that intangible the way that your other team members deliver it?)
  4. What role does hope and encouragement play in your show today? (Is hope and encouragement a part of your showprep?)
  5. What is your show known for? Does your show have a competitive advantage? What do your listeners “feel” when they plug in with your show for multiple days in a row? Do they hear the exact same content at the same time? If so, you might want to think about hwo the timing falls in with their life!)
  6. What strengths does your show bring to your radio station as a whole? (How does your show add to the personality of your radio station)
  7. How long does your average listener actually listen per day to your show? (Think about how your content connects or misses the mark in that setting)
  8. What’s the best story you’ve told on your show this week? Think about why it connected so much better than other content you shared?)
  9. What are three opportunities in your local market that your show can step up and serve in? How does your show demonstrate service?
  10. Is there anything that your show can be #1 at? Is there anything in your market that you can do better than any other personality?

Scott Herrold

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