Weekly Show Prep – 6/11/18

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Fill in the blank: “My kids didn’t want to do it at first, but ended up LOVING it this summer when we made them try it______.

When have you felt like you’ve had to FORCE fun on your kids during vacation?

What does the discussion sound like in your family when you’re thinking about paying for a vacation?

About 74% of Americans have gone into debt to pay for a getaway, according to a new study from financial planning company LearnVest.

What’s the summer job you didn’t want to end?

Rules for summer.  Yes you have a bedtime and it doesn’t matter that it’s still sunny outside. Yes you have to wake up before lunch time.  Yes you have responsibilities and no it’s not my problem that you are bored. Here’s a fun blog with some summer rules for the kids.

Printable Summer Rules

Being bored is actually good for kids. Here’s 39 ways to make the best of summer boredom! Boredom gives kids time to actually be kids. It can spark creativity. It created bonds between siblings. It helps kids become self sufficient!


Would be a cool challenge to mom this summer… who can submit the best photo this summer of your kids not on technology?!!!

30 Things you can do this summer to help deepen your kid’s faith!


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