Weekly Show Prep – 10/22/18

Here’s some discussion starters for your show this week from CreativeCardio.com

Online confessional: What’s the one candy you always skim off the top from your kid’s harvest fest stash?

Do you have a candy tax at your house? My place is more like communism, cause dad and mom have free access to partake at anytime. It’s at least a 40% tax if the kids could do the math.

Kids, if your parents are driving you to family harvest activities, it’s only fair to tip your driver 15% of your candy.

If you could jump on stage at any concert during any song to sing w/ the lead singer what would it be?

What is the most embarrassing thing you ever did as a kid that you are still kicking yourself over?

How do you respond to your child when they say they don’t want to go to church?

People 25 years or older: How would you respond if you woke up in your teenage self’s body?

If you have known a person for a while but have forgotten their name… how do you extract this info with out embarrassing yourself?

Anyone have a lost dog or cat story that actually ended well?

Here’s some DRY Thanksgiving calls you can use in your voice trax! http://www.creativecardio.com/free-thanksgiving-dry-calls/

Check in with CreativeCardio.com for fresh showprep every week! – Jayar Reeves & Scott Herrold


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