Weekly Show Prep – 3/26/18

Easter week is a fun time to get creative! Think about the characters in the story when you share the events of Holy Week. Hone in on the setting and put yourself in the shoes of different characters as a way to tell the story differently. If you want to produce up a bit, re-tell parts of the story, with 21st century music behind it and movie clips/pop culture clips as a way to change up the impact.

Record a break with one of your co-workers stuffing their mouth full of marshmallow peeps and challenge them to do the traffic or weather. Have a laugh together.

Love the Cadburry crème eggs, but compare the fat content with other foods like a big mac. Anyone have a recipe to make an omlette out of Cadburry Crème eggs?

Peep jousting is always fun for your website & social media page! Make an easy video!



Use the Jelly Belly game Bean Boozled on your show as a bit! Get a partner and make them try the different flavors and guess what it is. Get some good SFX and special music ready!

Why the palm branches? Why the donkey? Here’s a conversational blog about the events leading up to Palm Sunday: https://www.sosradio.net/blogs/holy-week-blog/post/why-the-palm-branches/


Get a group of kids from your child’s school or children’s church and ask them silly questions about Easter. Record the kids on your phone! Edit it up with a peter cotton tail music bed underneath. Ask silly questions and finish it with heartfelt line about Jesus resurrection.  Ask where the Easter bunny was born? What is Jesus favorite kind of chocolate? What sort of books do you think Beatrix Potter wrote? What happened on Easter Sunday 2000 years ago? What is the Energizer bunny’s favorite kind of Easter candy? What is the Easter bunny’s middle name? What did Mary find inside the tomb after the stone was rolled away? Where do you think the Energizer bunny likes to go on vacation? What did Jesus eat at the Last supper?


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