Weekly Show Prep – 3/12/18

Each week we share showprep ideas or idea starters here from the ninjas at CreativeCardio.com. This week we’re sharing some dry audio from a few of the bands we play! Listen to the dry audio and craft some questions around the answers to tie in your style!

Chris and Patrick of Rend Collective answer the following for St Patty’s Day:
A) Tell us about the heart behind your latest project is centered around the idea that the story of Jesus is Good news?
B) Talk about the heart behind the song ‘Rescuer’
C) As Northern Irishmen that spend a lot of time touring the States. What should be in the tourism brochure to entice Europeans to travel to the US?

Dry audio here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GhozeHOqL8Qgo1nfh2GQ4OXh_LoD-rn9/view

Ryan Stephenson talking about how life has changed since having songs on the radio. Dry audio here:


Mandisa talks about her battle with depression:
A) Working through a severe season of depression in her life
B) Talk about to healing power behind the song “Unfinished”
C) How bad did it get in your dark place?
D) Talk about the heart of the song “Bleed the same”
E) If you could make a living doing something other than sing what would it be?

Dry audio here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bZokx-7a6eo5VLeF59sd7xksPqufcriz/view

Here’s dry audio from Jason Roy of Building 429 on the state of music and the future of his band:
A) Talk about Building 429’s next album and thoughts on the bands legacy
B) I heard your vocal chords are not ‘normal’?
C) What’s your parenting philosophy with tech gadgets in your home?
D) You’ve had multiple #1 hits but what is that season like when songs aren’t getting played?

Dry audio here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cREFegHk2QE7cQDPR9mDmg4BfDtOG2Wh/view

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