Promotion Spotlight – Family Life

Every year, Family Life kicks off the holiday season with the Ladies Luncheon. It’s a great time to get together, hear an encouraging message, eat delicious food and shop! We keep the event moving really quickly so ladies can come with their co-workers. They also bring their moms, daughters, neighbors and friends. It’s like a big ol’ reunion and sells out every year.

Because Family Life also has a Performing Arts ministry, we are set-up for events like these and even have an in-house chef to prepare meals. Our COO is an expert in Christmas decorating, so everything is twinkling or blinking or sparkling and it sets a festive mood. Dessert is a BIG deal with these ladies, so our kitchen and their amazing volunteers spend lots of time getting that prepared. Throughout the year, people donate hand-made items for us to sell. When it comes time to buy, tables are drawn randomly, and the 400 or so ladies have just a few minutes to choose an item to purchase and get to the check out line. That’s when the real fun begins!  Radio works in advance to solicit donations and promote ticket sale. Being I’m on the morning show, I have had the joy of hosting the past couple years and it’s a blast. We have so many people on our team who make this event happen and it’s a joy to see everyone working together on such a fun day for our listeners.

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