Promotion Spotlight – WCIC

We started a promotion last summer called “You’ve been tipped over!” We encourage listeners to find a chance to tip extra when they eat out. When they tip more than 20%, they leave a note on the receipt that says, “You’ve been tipped over. Check out”

It’s been amazing how many stories have come in through the Web site- from servers who are just blown away by the generosity.

Here are a few of the stories that have been shared:

A wonderful family dined with us tonight. The daughter, who is a fan of the movie Trolls, sang songs with me and was just a delight! This family definitely made my night. Sometimes serving can be stressful, but when people are gracious enough to tip 50% it makes me feel like there are still good people who take in consideration what servers endure on a daily basis!!! Thanks again for the generosity. This family definitely expressed the heart of Jesus to a mother 6. Be blessed. ~Kaylah from East Peoria, IL

I was working at my local family restaurant when a guy came in pretty late with his friend. His bill was $74, and he tipped me $80. I was astounded. I never shared this with him, but I had been running numbers in my brain all day thinking how it was gonna take every dollar I had to make my car payment that week. Thanks to you guys and that generous customer! ~Jesse from Eureka, IL

I waited on 2 ladies who were very pleasant. They tipped me $23 on a $27 check with a note saying to check out this website. This is a great way to spread joy. This kind of action can 180 a bad day. Thank you ladies and thank you!!! ~Zach from Springfield, IL

Even though this promotion started last year, it’s something we’ve brought back from time to time, whether it’s ahead of “National Waitstaff Day” or encouraging people to be generous while they’re out and about Fourth of July weekend. We love reading the stories that come in each time!