Promotion Spotlight – WAFJ

We are currently in gear to bless some folks in the CSRA with  FREE rent or Mortgage for a month!  It’s our HOME FREE promotion!  Courtesy of a business underwriter and sponsor of campaign…Peachtree Pools and Spas.



  • Create a buzz; to listen.
  • To bless listeners – who can’t use a little extra cash in a month!
  • We seek to encourage them to think about what they would do with the extra money they would have if they didn’t have that obligation for a month.  Vacation, extra payment, or even give away!

Prize:   One month of FREE rent or mortgage paid!

It is a 8 week promotion with 6 blessings of FREE rent or Mortgage.

The promotion is set to sound like a Game Show with ‘Steady Cash’ as the host.  He will ‘call out’ the names of qualifiers to give them an opportunity to win the rent or mortgage payment for a month (up to $1000).  Steady will call out a name three times during the day during appointment listening times.  The listener will then have 8 min 30 seconds to call to instantly qualify for the winning housing cash. Each qualifier will win a HOME improvement gift card.  (Home Goods or Home Depot – they choose one)

Once qualified they are encouraged to be listening on Thursday mornings for their name to call in to WIN the free rent or mortgage.

Here’s How to Win:

1. Fill out the entry form.

2. Listen for your chance to qualify weekdays between May 15th and June 21st. If we call out your name, you’ll have 8 minutes and 30 seconds to call (844) 599-8830 and win a $50 home improvement gift card, plus be entered into the weekly drawing for one month’s mortgage or rent.

Here’s when to listen for your name:

Monday – Wednesday: 7:20 am, 12:20 pm and 5:20 pm
Thursday: 12:20 pm and 5:20 pm
Friday: 7:20 am, 12:20 pm and 5:20 pm.
*No contest on Memorial Day, May 29th

3. Once you’re qualified for the weekly drawing, listen Thursday mornings at 7:20 for John & Cleve to call you on-air (if selected) and give you one month’s free mortgage or rent (up to $1,000), courtesy of Peachtree Pools and Spas.

When winner picks up their ‘check’ we have the photo check ready!  First winner to be called out is May 18th!