Promotion Spotlight – Hope for Appalachia

We collected Hope Boxes and Prom dresses for a coalition of VA churches that travel to schools in some of the poorest regions of Virginia and Kentucky.  They bring the kids “Hope Boxes” full of toys, food, socks, Bibles and other gifts, as well as prom dresses for high school students who can’t afford them and can’t attend prom without them.  The team spends all day at each school and gives a special Easter presentation that shares the gospel and who Jesus is (in public schools!)  Last Easter we sent over 1,000 prom dresses and helped them send a total of 20,000 hope boxes.  We’ve worked with them the past several years, and even had team members travel with them to help.

Thanks for the opportunity to spotlight some of these events.  It’s a privilege to think up different ways we can create and deliver experiences that will inspire people to live passionately for Jesus.  Hopefully it will inspire others too.

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