Promotion Spotlight – KTIS

“It was tough to choose one promotion to share but what I like most about our Weekend to Remember campaign is that it evolved from one good idea into a greater idea as we moved through the process because we paid attention to what our audience was telling us. So keeping an open mind and continuing to think outside the box to serve our audience was key to the success. Because of keeping an open mind, we, as Christian Media specialists, continue to grow into our roles in ways that I believe God is stretching us.

The strategy began as a “giveaway” as we were looking to bless 6 couples with tickets to A Weekend to Remember, a relationship enrichment seminar and 2 night hotel stay. We created an online registration form on our website with a homepage rotator slide (see below) as well as numerous on air and social media messaging and a few e-Blasts.

3000 people entered online (entry rate is in our top 10% of online giveaways) Because so many people entered we realized that “nurturing their relationship” was very important and we also wanted to bless more than 6 people, so we decided to send our top relationship articles from to everyone. We created 4 e-Blasts that were sent on a 24 hour optimization schedule on Mondays over the course of a month. (see below).

I believe more lives and marriages were touched because of this extension of our campaign!

Another big win for us is that we garnered 550 new names! Each year we strategize to acquire at least 10K new names so we can engage and retain them as loyal audience members!  With highly engaging promotions like this, new names simply follow. :)”

Marianne Milano
Director of Audience Engagement
98.5 KTIS

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