BIG NEWS for Momentum 2020! After numerous site visits, meetings, research and prayer - Momentum’s NEW dates will be May 27–29, 2020 at the Loews Royal Pacific Convention Center at Universal Orlando™. This decision did not come lightly and there were SO MANY factors to consider, but the CMB Board and Team are thrilled with the outcome and so excited for the future! So mark your calendars and get ready - Momentum 2020 is going to be the best yet!!!

Registration will open January 6 with a special ONE DAY EARLY BIRD sale.

When and where is Momentum 2020?

New dates…May 27 through 29. New hotel…while Momentum will take place at Loews Royal Pacific Resort Conference Center, the host hotel will be Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando, adjacent to the Royal Pacific Conference Center.  Room rates are $189. We also have availability at Universal’s brand new Adventura Hotel, which is within walking distance, for $159.

Why Orlando for Momentum 2020?

After looking into numerous locations and dates, returning to Loews Royal Pacific Conference Center OUTSIDE OF HURRICANE season, made the most economical sense.  Our attendees are our #1 priority so keeping the costs down is imperative. Unfortunately, the week of Labor Day is the cheapest week of the entire year, but it is also the middle of hurricane season.  After sustaining two hurricanes over the past three years, CMB knew that it was time to either move locations or dates. Most of the potential Momentum host cities did not have availability during the requested time frame (outside of fundraising and major touring seasons) or couldn’t keep the hotel cost under $200.  In reviewing all of the options, Loews is still the most economical choice for Momentum 2020. It is a more expensive time of the year, but we are doing everything we can to keep the costs down for you. One more reason for Orlando…we couldn’t do Momentum without the amazing team at Z88.3. Their staff and volunteers put in countless hours, and we are grateful for their service!

Why not have Momentum in Nashville?

When we investigated conference locations, we looked at the options with YOU, the attendee, at the forethought of our minds. The CMB team has examined options in Nashville over the past 10 years.  While Nashville does make a lot of sense, it is too cost prohibitive. Our most recent inquiries (October, 2019) showed that hotel room costs would increase 50%. CMB’s costs would double as well. Have you read this article about Nashville being the most expensive US city for hotels? Even if we could afford it, the only availability for 2020 was in August where Momentum would start on a Sunday.

When will registration launch for Momentum 2020?

Mark your calendar! Registration launches on January 6 with the special ONE DAY EARLY BIRD sale. 

Why has Momentum always been in Orlando in September?

When CMB launched Momentum back in 2009, Florida made the most sense because of Disney’s Night of Joy and Universal’s Rock the Universe happening at the same time. CMB’s label partners were already taking artists down to these events, so it was a great way to make the most of their efforts and budgets. Those events had been going on for decades the weekend after Labor Day until 2017 when Disney canceled Night of Joy (thanks to Hurricane Irma). Universal moved Rock the Universe to January in 2018. Unfortunately, Momentum couldn’t move to January due to contracts in place, the resort’s availability and the increase in costs during that time of year.

How does this change affect the 2020 Momentum Summits?

The Momentum 2020 Summits will take place after Momentum,, and the full 2020 CMB Calendar will be released soon!

How is CMB doing financially?

Over the years, CMB has built up reserves to prepare for a disaster such as the financial devastation of canceling Momentum 2019. Canceling Momentum 2019 cost CMB $561,993, but thankfully the reserve funds have sustained CMB. Due to God’s provision through the generosity of the incredible CMB community, that amount has been reduced in half.



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