Welcome Back, Shimmy!

Please join CMB as we continue to pray for Centricity’s Manger of National Promotions, Shimmy. Today is Shimmy’s first day back in the office after being out the last 2 weeks recovering from surgery to correct a condition he has in both eyes.

It has been a tough recovery but he is on the mend. Kris Love, Senior Director of Radio Promotions adds, “He’s got 4 different drops he has to put in his eyes throughout the day, and a good bit of light sensitivity. But he’s through the worst of his recovery which included laying flat on his back with no pillow for 2 days with each surgery (he had one on each eye in consecutive weeks), 2 eyeball stitches, and 4 trips to Indianapolis.”

Feel free to text Shimmy your well wishes as he continues to recover – 615-330-3596

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