The Top 5 Morning Show Topics – Finney’s Fast 5


We asked Contemporary Christian Music Radio listeners in multiple markets across the North America during the past few months about different Morning Show topics and how interested they are in hearing them on the radio, with 1 = not interested and 9 = very interested. The numbers below are averages of all responses in multiple markets.

Here are their Top 5 answers:

  1. A word of encouragement from a Biblical devotional  —  8.2
  2. A Word from Scripture and how it might apply to your life today  —  8.0
  3. Free, fun activities to do with your family around town this weekend  —  7.6
  4. A story from a listener about how God has done a miracle in her life  —  5
  5. A prayer of thanksgiving from a local pastor  —  2

We began asking about interest in various Morning Show topics years ago, and at first, didn’t include spiritual topics. We would ask about activities with your family, the weather, ways to volunteer, etc. And then a friend suggested we include spiritual topics. And we did.

And from the start, topics like what you see at the top of this list soared to the top. Note specifically the two topics that score above an 8 average. In our 1 to 9 scoring system, the only way to get an 8 or higher is for almost everyone to give a high score. The scores are high and these topics are nearly unanimously positive.

Biblical encouragement, helping your listener grow spiritually, Scripture, prayer – all come back from Christian radio listeners as high interest.

One of the great secrets about our business, even among those who work in it, is that your listener wants more of the very thing your station ought to be about – Jesus!

Christ . . . Christian encouragement . . . Christian growth. Not sports . . . not politics . . . not pop culture . . . not Presidential tweets . . . but about Christ.

In April, we tackle a new subject. We ask Christian radio listeners: “Other than the Bible, what are the Top Christian books you’ve ever read?” We bring you their Top 5 answers.



finneylogoChuck Finney is the President of Finney Media and has over 30 years experience helping radio stations grow audience and deepen relationships with listeners. He led Salem’s KLTY Dallas to record audience levels and served as National Program Director for Salem’s Fish CCM stations. While with KLTY, the station won multiple awards, including NRB Music Station Of The Year, the CMB Major Market Station Of The Year and the NAB Religious Station Of The Year.

Chuck served as Chairman of Christian Music Broadcasters and currently serves on the Radio Committee of NRB.

Since 2009, he has consulted Christian Music and Teaching radio stations and ministries internationally, helping them reach more people while being Gospel-focused.

He and his wife of 25 years, Lynda, live in the DFW area and have two daughters.





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