SOS Radio, Hope for Prisoners & Nevada Department of Corrections Throw 50 Christmases

Everyone deserves a Christmas! That sentiment couldn’t be more true when you consider the children of incarcerated parents. These kids have committed no crime and yet, left forgotten, they may not have the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate Christmas as other children would. The statistics suggest 70% of children with incarcerated parents will end up in a similar situation if the community doesn’t intervene. With those facts in mind, a partnership formed between two Las Vegas non-profit organizations: Hope For Prisoners and SOS Radio.


Over the last 6 months, these organizations have planned an exclusive Christmas party for 50 families. It took place Thursday, December 13that The Crossing in Las Vegas at 5:30pm. Each family was treated to its very own living room Christmas experience. It included catered dinner, gifts, music, bikes, treats and a fresh cut, decorated Christmas tree! The Nevada Department of Corrections made it possible for most of the incarcerated moms and dads to surprise their children in person! We had 50 separate living rooms set up for the families to celebrate Christmas together! In addition, Capitol Records recording artist, Riley Clemmons made a surprise appearance and performed a few Christmas songs.


“Our heart is to help heal division in Nevada and our SOS Radio community is full of problem solvers,” says Scott Herrold, SOS Radio’s Morning Show Host. “We want to make our state a better place to live. This Christmas we loved on some kids who may felt alienated because mom and dad are incarcerated. These are some of the most at-risk kids in our state.”


Listeners of SOS Radio 90.5 and attendees of The Crossing church poured in support by the arm loads, donating hundreds of bikes, toys and gift cards. Hundreds of volunteers made 50 Christmases possible!


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