May 2018 – Update from the NRB MLC

Many stations have informed us that BMI is taking a much more aggressive posture in making direct contact with radio stations about a variety of topics. In this past month alone we’ve been informed by many of you that BMI is:

  • Asking non-commercial stations to enter into new licenses or pay “invoices” for simulcast Internet streams
  • Stating that their audio-visual license form has changed and requesting that stations enter directly into a new A/V license with them
  • Stepping up collection efforts on amounts due several years ago based upon potential errors or miscalculations in quarterly license reporting

If you are contacted by BMI with a demand for signing a new license or making a direct payment for these OR ANY OTHER topics besides your normal payments under your main NRBMLC-negotiated broadcast licenses, please let them know you are represented by the NRBMLC and refer them to my attention so we can verify whether the demands being made are appropriate and that they do not conflict with existing licenses or applications in effect already.

It is our honor to serve you in these matters. Please keep us in the loop BEFORE you sign anything directly. Thank you, and enjoy springtime wherever you may be!


Scott R. Hunter
Executive Director

4880 Santa Rosa Road, Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 482-7290 •

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