Life 97.9 Listeners Go Above and Beyond Attending a Concert

Life 97.9 listeners brought over 224 jars of peanut butter to the Big Daddy Weave and Brandon Heath concert at First Assembly in Fargo, ND. The peanut butter was donated to the Fargo Emergency Food Pantry. Erin Foltz from the Fargo Emergency Food Pantry said, “The peanut butter that was collected will help feed 224 hungry families in our community.” Peanut butter is a shelf-stable source of protein that food banks love and need. Oftentimes, the amount of peanut butter on the shelves runs out long before the expiration date on the labels.

Life 97.9 Listener Engagement Director, Carly Viland, said, “It was encouraging to see how the concert goers were so excited to donate their jars of peanut butter at our booth even before the doors to the auditorium opened up! People in the Red River Valley are passionate about helping others, even with something as small as a jar of peanut butter. They made a difference in many lives thanks to their participation in the collection at the concert.”

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