KADI’s Rod Kittleman Does Morning Show From His Hospital Room

Please join CMB in praying for KADI’s, Rod Kittleman, as he continues to recover from surgery to amputate his right leg up to the knee. Kittleman has had a number of health issues which led to the amputation of his toes and part of his foot in May. By the end of May, doctors told him a second amputation was necessary in order to survive.


For the last couple of weeks Kittleman has been doing his morning show from the Mercy Rehab Hospital in Springfield, MO and says,”I’ve got to admit I’ve had some hard, dark times but I am so thankful that Mercy has let me do this because that is part of my recovery. But I also want to share with my listeners that faith can get you through.”

A local news station did a full story and interview with Kittleman. To view the story, click here.


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