Congratulations to the 2018 CMB Award Winners!

The CMB Awards were announced on Wednesday evening, September 5th, 2018 at the annual CMB Awards Dinner at Momentum!


SMALL MARKET WINNER: Spirit 92.9 KKJM • St. Cloud, MN

KKJM Aircheck Submission      KKJM Production Submission


WCQR Aircheck Submission      WCQR Production Submission

LARGE MARKET WINNER:  104.9 The River WCVO • Columbus, OH

WCVO Aircheck Submission      WCVO Production Submission



KLJY Aircheck Submission      KLJY Production Submission


Rob Gregory Community Service Award

Presented to a Christian broadcaster, radio station or associated professional who, during the past year, has shown outstanding effort in community service.

SOS Radio


Scott Campbell Industry Achievement Award

Presented to a Christian broadcaster or associated professional for outstanding and long-term contributions to the growth of Christian music radio.

Paul Martin – President, Advocace


Rich Mullins Artist Impact Award

Presented to an artist or group to recognize their long-time contributions to the music and ministry of Christian radio.

Matthew West

CMB Board of Directors Award

Presented by CMB’s Board of Directors for the advancement of the gospel through radio.

Billy Graham & Bill Hearn


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Bob Anthony, founder and former President of EMF 

In 1978, after Bob Anthony reached the crest of success in secular radio (93KJH/LA and 610 KFRC/San Fancisco), he got saved and discovered Christian music.  At that point he felt that God had put a vision inside of him for a high quality CCM station that would be strongly committed to a ministry purpose and that could reach the entire country using satellites. 

His first Christian radio conference was in 1980 where he met Brad Burkhart, Jon Rivers, Rick Tarrant and others.  His vision led him to sell everything and start the Educational Media Foundation, which eventually became the K-LOVE. Along the way, Bob consulted several other Christian stations. In 1986 he hired Dick Jenkins to be EMF’s second president and moved to Portland to start Spirit FM.  The Spirit FM team and Bob converted KLRD into the Air1 Radio network to start into the CHR format in 1995. Eventually they merged Air1 and K-LOVE into one ministry under EMF. Bob continued to consult EMF through much of the 90’s and into the 2000’s, acting as National Program Director and Air1 GM.  In 1998, Bob started Gospel Spots using mass media to reach listeners for Christ. He left EMF in 2002 and went into full time work for Gospel Spots.  In 2015 he moved back to his hometown of Spokane, WA where he purchased KOOL 107.1.

With not much more than an idea, faith that God would take care of the details, and an attitude of prayer, Bob Anthony is responsible for creating a national network that has influenced millions of listeners on a daily basis.



KTIS’ vision is for everyone in the Twin Cities to experience God’s love through KTIS or through a KTIS audience member.

KTIS has established three Anchor Initiatives that are key to reaching the KTIS vision:

Drive-Thru-Difference is 10 years running and more impactful than ever with creative listeners: Brian was having financial hardships on one particular weekend and on Monday when he was at work someone put an envelope on his chair with $300 and a Drive-Thru-Difference note. KTIS is also participating by sending a year’s worth of Drive-Thru-Difference cards with a surprise gift card from a KTIS sponsor to listeners who request them. Once a month they surprise a different community by paying for their morning coffee at the drive-thru.

PrayerWorks was developed by KTIS 7 years ago and remains strong today.  339,552 prayers have been submitted and 4,662,044 prayers prayed.  KTIS also has a PrayerWorks app that makes this service even more accessible.

Hands & Feet encourages others to share God’s love with acts of service. KTIS uses a singular focus through the Power of Many and the Power of One. The Power of Many enables the audience to contribute time, talents and items to those in need through various group outreach projects. The Power of One centers around the Hands & Feet app and is a unique tool for everyday impact. Users choose from 3 kind act ideas a day, track their progress and see how many others have done the same. 197,157 kind acts have been done around the Twin Cities and beyond, including Africa.